Andrew White senior

???? - 1820


  1. Ann White, daughter of Andrew White and "a free mulatto" Mary Wallen, aged about [blank] years, was baptised in Kingston, 21/01/1782. Thomas White (born 1773), reputed son of Mr Andrew White by a "mulatto" named Molly, Andrew White (born 1778) and Mary Barbara White (born 1780), both reputed children of Mr Andrew White by a "mulatto" named Betty, were alll baptised 20/07/1784 in St Elizabeth and reported as "freed".

  2. Andrew White, planter, and Mary Calame, spinster, were married by license in St Elizabeth, 19/07/1784. They had four children baptised in St Elizabeth: Susanna Catherine (born 9/05/1785) and Mary Anne (born 03/08/1787), both baptised 18/01/1787; and Andrew and Eliza Sarah (no birth dates given), both baptised 17/02/1792. His youngest daughter Lily Isabella, for whom no baptism record has been found, married Charles Thomas Dunlevie in Liverpool, 23/07/1818. Lily Isabella was buried in Liverpool, 09/04/1819 aged 25, giving a year of birth c. 1794.

  3. In 1809, according to Samuel Watt (q.v.) in Jamaica: "Andrew White is still out here; I have not seen him either but find he has no thoughts of returning. In fact I am informed he is so much involved in debt that here he must remain and I expect his family will be obliged to come out. James is in a much more comfortable situation and I suppose at present supports Andrew's family in Liverpool."

  4. Baptised 07/02/1811 at Oxford, Henry White (born 05/12/1808) and Mary Jane White (born 19/03/1810), reputed children of Andrew White Esqr. by Mary Cartwright "mulatta belonging to Mrs Eliza Sarah Vose." Baptised 10/08/1813 at Oxford, William White (born 12/08/1812), reputed son of Andrew White Esqur. by Mary Cartwright, "a free mulatto". Mary Cartwright owned Comfort Hall in Manchester, Jamaica, in her own right and as guardian of her children Henry, Mary Jane, William, Catherine, John and James Dunlevie White, 1817-1834. Mary Jane (or Jane) disappears from the slave registers after 1823; John and James Dunlevie only appear in the slave registers from 1829 onwards. It is possible that their father was Andrew White junior rather than senior, but this seems unlikely as he wasn't described as such in the baptism records.

  5. Will of Andrew White on board the ship Ann of Bristol and at sea, John Garden master, [late of the parish] of Manchester Jamaica, proved 23/10/1820. Under the will he left Oxford and Evergreen and the enslaved people on them and their increase to his son, also named Andrew White, subject to annuities to his beloved wife Mary White of Liverpool of £400 p.a. and to his daughters Catherine [later in the will given as Susannah Catharine] Bentejal [sp?] and Mary Ann Dunlevy of £200 p.a. each and to Andrew White junior himself of £200 p.a. until his [the testator's] debts were repaid. After that, the annuities were to cease and Mary White was to receive half the income from the two estates for life in lieu of dower; Susannah Catharine Bonjal [?], Mary Ann Dunlevy and third daughter Eliza Sarah Vose were to receive £5000 each, although the legacy to Eliza Sarah Vose was to be reduced to £500 if she did not free Mary Cartwright and her children, Lavinia Cartwright 'born in Liverpool' and six others, and increased by £500 if she did. Mary Cartwright and her children Henry, Jane, William, Catharine, John and James Dunlevy White were to be paid £30 Jamaica currency each per year for life from the proceeds of Oxford estate and Ever Green pen. Lavinia Cartwright was to recieve £10 Jamaica currency per year for life. After the death of Mary Cartwright, the enslaved people named Pompey and Betty, now in her possession, were to go to Henry, Jane, William, Catharine, John and James Dunlevy White. The taxes and clothing of these two enslaved people to be paid by Oxford Estate and Ever Green Pen.

  6. Andrew White's daughter Elizabeth Sarah was the main beneficiary of the will of Andrew's brother James White of Liverpool (q.v.). She married James Vose in Liverpool in 1809. James Vose M.D. became the first Professor of Anatomy in the Liverpool Royal Insititution and was buried in 1844 in Toxteth Park Cemetery.

  7. William Carnegy and Lavinia Cartwright were married in Manchester parish, by licence, 07/01/1823. By a Chancery Court order of 30/1/1836 in the suit of White v Robertson, Duncan Robertson was ordered to pay, out of funds in his hands as receiver, a moiety of £3,869.1s.10d to Henry White, William White, Catherine White, John White and James Dunlevie White being the amount due in respect of their annuities under the will of Andrew White, and £214 10s 9d to Lavinia Carnegie being arrears of her annuity under that will.

  8. Mary Ann[e] White married, at St Mary's Dublin, in June 1817, Gillespick Dunlevie, Esquire of the 44th Regiment. Marianne, wife of Gillespie Dunlevie esq and daughter of the late Andrew White of Oxford, Jamaica, at Liverpool on 11 April 1840. Gillespie Dunlevie was a Lieutenant, 44th and 65th Foot, later Paymaster, 98th Foot, finally keeper of the Edge Lane Hotel in West Derby where he died 11 May 1859; he remarried in 1843 and again in 1851.

  9. Susanna Catherine White married John Bentijac, merchant, in Liverpool, 01/03/1815. Robert Delap of Liverpool, gentleman, signed the Marriage Licence Bond. John St. Martin Bentijac, aged 63, of Stafford Street, Liverpool, was buried 09/05/1832, at Christ's Church, Liverpool. In the Death Duty Registers for Liverpool, Susanna C. Bentijac of Liverpool, was named as the executor of his Will; Probate 19/05/1832. Susannah Catherine, widow of John Martin Bentejac, formerly of Liverpool, died at Carlton, Yorkshire, 07/12/1857.

  10. Lilly Isabella White of Liverpool, marriage Charles Thomas Dunlevie, merchant of Liverpool, 23/07/1818 at Our Lady and St Nicholas Church of England, Liverpool. Witnesses were Robert Delap, Robert Struthers and E. C. Delap. Lilly Isabella Dunlevie was buried in Liverpool 09/04/1819 aged 25 years. The estate of Lilly Isabella White, wife of Charles Dunlevie, was proved in Liverpool, 01/05/1819. Charles Thomas Dunlevie, broker, was named a bankrupt in 1831 and 1843.

  11. He may also be Andrew White of Liverpool, merchant, who was active in the slave trade with Sierra Leone in the 1770s when a partner with Miles Barber, Samuel Sandys, James Kendall and John Mackmillan (several partnerships, all of which seem to have ended in bankruptcy and some of which were still yielding dividends as late as the 1820s). During the same period Andrew White senior had natural children born in Jamaica, which might seem to argue against this identification, but eg, the Wilbraham, a vessel owned by one of his partnerships, cleared Liverpool for Bonny and Jamaica in 1775, so he may have been on the island at least intermittently. He seems to have left the trade c1779.

  12. Mary, widow of Andrew White of Jamaica, died at her residence in Falkland Street, Liverpool, 24/07/1829.


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