Sir Richard Ottley

1782 - 1845


Chief Justice of Ceylon, and previously Chief Justice of Grenada, son of Drewry Ottley of St Vincent (q.v.) and Elizabeth Gerrald nee Jackson, and husband of Sarah Elizabeth nee Young, the daughter of Sir William Young 2nd bart. [not to be confused with Sarah Elizabeth Ottley nee Young (d. 1825) - the widow and second wife of Richard Ottley (d. 1775) - who was the daughter of Sir William Young 1st bart., and hence both Sir Richard Ottley's step-grandmother and his wife's aunt]. Richard Ottley was the owner of two enslaved people under the will of his grandmother Mrs Jackson, according to the will of his father Drewry Ottley.

  1. Will of Sir Richard Ottley formerly Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Indicature [sic] of Ceylon but now of 50 York Street, Portman Square proved 22/09/1845. He said his wife had been amply provided for under the will of her aunt Mrs Lawrence 'and in otherwise', and therefore he made no further provision for her. The will identified Drewry Ottley of Bedford Place as his half-brother. Among other legacies, Richard Ottley left £600 in trust to support Grace, the daughter of Elizabeth Furness of Grenada: there was no explanation, but this was possibly his natural daughter. His residuary heirs were his four children.

  2. Alice Ottley, Sir Richard Ottley's grand-daughter (her father was the Rev. Lawrence Ottley) was the founder and first headmistress of the Worcester High School for Girls.


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  2. Mary E. James, Alice Ottley: first headmistress of the Worcester High School for Girls, 1883-1912 (London: Longmans, 1914). This account opens: 'Alice was descended from an ancient Shropshire family', p.1.

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Sir Richard Ottley was the residuary heir of his uncle William Jackson...
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