William Jackson MD of St Vincent

???? - 1828


  1. The will of William Jackson MD of St Vincent [made 22/03/1828] proved 17/11/1829 shows William Jackson as the brother of both Edward Jackson of Palmiste Park estate (to whom he left £2000) and Josias Jackson (each of whom q.v.). William Jackson left monetary legacies to a range of family members, and £50 each to Catherine Buckingham, Harriet Mackintosh and Jorinda [sp?] Crosbie the daughters of his 'late slave' Laetitia Jackson, and a further £30 each to James Peak and Agnes Peak, the children of Catherine Buckingham. He made his nephew Sir Richard Ottley his residuary heir.


  1. PROB 11/1762/434.

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Uncle → Nephew
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Sir Richard Ottley was the residuary heir of his uncle William Jackson...
Son → Father