John Kinlock or Kinloch

???? - 1770


This is probably but not certainly John Kinloch, brother of George Oliphant Kinloch (q.v.) and uncle of George Kinloch MP (q.v.), and shown as sugar planter buying back the family's former Kinloch estate in Strathmore in Scotland before his death in 1770.

  1. 'John Kinlock' had extensive presence in the Crop Accounts as attorney. In the lists of 1759-70, John Kinlock is listed as a trustee to Joseph Williams Esq. deceased (q.v.), formerly owner of Carawina estate (Westmoreland, Jamaica). The estate is recorded as being under Kinlock's 'care and direction', although he did not always file the Crop Accounts (see entry for Carawina for full record). In the Crop Account lists of 1767-69 he is listed as executor to Mrs Elizabeth Rutherford (q.v.), formerly owner of Spring Garden estate (Westmoreland, Jamaica). The estate is listed as being under his 'care and direction'. John Kinlock filed Crop Accounts for Vineyard Pen (St Elizabeth's, Jamaica) in 1764, 1765 & 1767, on behalf of Arthur Forrest (q.v.). Kinlock listed as Attorney. For Masemure (Westmoreland, Jamaica) in 1764, 1765 & 1767, on behalf of Arthur Forrest. Kinlock listed as Attorney. For Robin River's Pen (Westmoreland, Jamaica), in 1764, 1765 & 1767, on behalf of Arthur Forrest. Kinlock listed as Attorney. For Camp Savanna (Westmoreland, Jamaica) in 1762, 1763 & 1765 as executor to Charles Mitchell deceased (q.v.).


Charles Tennant, ‘Kinloch, George, of Kinloch (1775–1833)’, rev. H. C. G. Matthew, Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Oxford University Press, 2004 [, accessed 10 June 2017]. Other sources suggest that George Kinloch's father George Oliphant Kinloch sold his Clashbenie estate in order to repurchase the Kinloch estate from his cousin William Kinloch. This second version appears to be sourced from Alex J. Warden Angus or Forfarshire, the land and people, descriptive and historical Vol. IV (1884) p. 341.

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1762 [EA] - 1765 [LA] → Executor
1759 [EA] - 1770 [LA] → Trustee
1764 [EA] - 1767 [LA] → Attorney
1764 [EA] - 1767 [LA] → Attorney
1765 [EA] - 1769 [LA] → Executor
1764 [EA] - 1767 [LA] → Attorney

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Kinloch [Purchased] 
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The Kinloch estate was according to the ODNB purchased by the 'sugar planter' John Kinloch and left to his elder brother George Oliphant Kinloch. Other sources show George Oliphant Kinloch...

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