William Prescod

1741 - 1814


  1. William Prescod was a very substantial owner, including, at the time of his death, the following plantations: Kendall's, Sion Hill, Rock Dundo, Small Hopes, Carleton, Searles, Territs, Dayrells. At his death most of these were inherited by his nephew William Hinds Prescod (q.v.) as tenant-for-life. Note that Prescod's will was entered into Probate, 6 January 1815 - i.e. before the inventory of his estates in Barbados.

  2. In a List of inhabitants of St Peter, Barbados, 1780, Prescod was listed as owning 15 enslaved.

  3. Prescod died in London at "Gower Street, Bedford Square, Middlesex". Buried 21 September 1814, St Marylebone, London. It is not clear how long he had been living in Britain although almost certainly he had spent most of his life in Barbados. His will made in 1814 was proved 04/01/1815.


  1. See his will (PROB11/1564/58) and J. C. Brandow (comp.), Genealogies of Barbados families: from Caribbeana and the Journal of the Barbados Museum and Historical Society (1983), p. 601; Barbados Department of Archives. Inventories.

  2. Barbados Department of Archives, RB9/3/6.

  3. Prescod burial record (Ancestry.co.uk)

Further Information

Married but no further details

Properties assigned in trust to William Hinds of Speightstown and John Gay Goding, merchant. The primary beneficiary was his nephew William Hinds Prescod of Speightstown, son of his brother Francis, but other legatees included also:
other children of his brother Francis Prescod: Francis, Mary Ann;
the children of his deceased brother, Wilson Prescod: Samuel Hinds and William;
his nieces: Mary Ann Goding, wife of John Gay Goding; Hannah Prescod Clarke and her sister, Mary Grazett;
his nephews: John Prescod Williams and Samuel Lewis, the son of John Edward Lewis;
Samuel Hinds of St Michael and his son Samuel Hinds;
the children of Abel Hinds, late of Barbados, and Samuel Jackman of Bridgetown and his son John Abel Jackman;
and "A legacy also to Susey Prescod, a free mulatto woman".

He also left £300 currency p.a. to his niece Hannah Crichlow, wife of Charles Crichlow, and a further £800 currency conditional on her leaving Britain for Barbados. [The background to this bequest has not been established by LBS]. He left John Prescod Williams the money Williams owed him by virtue of a judgment assigned by Williams to the testator and the mortgage owed by Williams after the purchase by Williams of Prescod's plantation[s] named Westmoreland and Water Hall.

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Uncle → Nephew
Uncle → Nephew
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John Prescod Williams was given as his nephew in the will of William...

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Gower Street, Bedford Square, London, Middlesex, London, England