Frances Duff (née Dalzell)

???? - 1778


Daughter of Gibson Dalzell, owner of Lucky Hill in St Mary, Jamaica. Inherited half her father's property in trust on his death c. 1756.

Her mother was Susanna Augier, born enslaved, the daughter of John Augier but freed in her father's will c. 1722.

Frances Dalzell was also a beneficiary of the will of her grandfather General Robert Dalzell (d. 1758), who has an entry in the ODNB as 'army officer'.

She married George Duff, son of the 1st Earl of Fife, 07/04/1757. Under the terms of her will, her Jamaican property was inherited by her son George Duff (1760-1828).


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Further Information

Maiden Name
George Duff
George (?-1818)

PROB 11/1044/354 - precis.

Hon Frances Duff.

Whereas my father left me a moity of all his real and personal estates in Jamaica and gave me the power to bequeath by will the said moity in whatever shares or proportions that I should think proper for which reason I make this my last will and testament and do desire that it may be understood in the plain sense without quibbling or any lawyers perverting my meaning I Frances Duff give and bequeath to my eldest son James Duff £100, to my eldest daughter Jane Dorothea Duff £200, to my daughter Frances Duff £200 and to my son George Duff the residue or remainder of all the real and personal estates of whatever nature or kind soever in the Island of Jamaica for my son George Duff's sole use. My father Gibson Dalzell bequeath unto me some shares in the Sun Fire Office with the same power... I give to my son James Duff and share to my daughter Jane ---- Dorothea Duff one share my daughter Frances Duff one share and to my son George Duff twelve shares for his sole use. I appoint their father the Hon. George Duff executor and trustee.

Signed 02/03/1776.

Proved at London 29/08/1778.

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1756 [SY] - 1778 [EY] → Tenant-for-life

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Firm Investment
Sun Fire Office
notes →
Hon. Frances Duff left 15 shares in the Sun Fire Office which she had inherited from her father Gibson Dalzell to her...

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