John Longmore

1771 - 14th Jan 1838


Bristol West India merchant, partner with John Maxse and John Vaughan (each of whom q.v.). Left £160,000 on his death in 1838.

  1. Baptised 14/03/1771 at Cleobury Mortimer, son of John Longmore and Elizabeth. John Longmore senior had some connections with the iron industry and was deceased before the death of his wife Elizabeth in 1808.

  2. Will of John Longmore gentleman of [Clifton Wood], Clifton, Gloucestershire proved 24/02/1838. He left £50,000 in trust for his wife Hannah for life, then divided the sum largely among his nieces and nephews, children of his brother Joseph Longmore. He left £10,000 to his esteemed friend Christian Cork [later identified as his wife's sister] and her children of Stanley Hall, Kingstanley, and a long series of smaller monetary legacies, all painstakingly recapitulated in a list at the end of his will, which also showed his property [not specified] as £173,100 as of 25/08/1836.

  3. 'At his residence, Clifton Wood, Bristol, aged 67, John Longmore, esq., brother to Joseph Longmore, esq., of the Mythe. This gentleman made the following munificent bequests:- to the Bristol Infirmary, 500l.; Bristol Eye Institution, 200l.; Bristol Strangers' Friend Society, 100l.; Clifton Dispensary, 200l.; Clifton Infant School, 100l.; Salop Infirmary, 500l.; to the parishes of Wolverley, Worcestershire, and Neen Savage and Coreley, Salop, 500l. each; and to Cleobury Mortimer parish, 700l.- the interest arising from the four last bequests to be laid out in bread for the poor, to be delivered to them every Sunday throughout the year, after divine service.'


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West India merchant

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1817 [EA] - → Mortgage Holder

Assignee in 1817 of a mortgage over Colchis with his partner John Vaughan.

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John Vaughan and Co.
West India merchant  
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Partner from 1803 with John Maxse and John Vaughan, then with the latter only from 1813....

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Business partners

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Clifton Wood, Bristol, Gloucestershire, South-west England, England