Isabella Hall

5th Feb 1762 - 1822


Owner of Sabina Park Pen in St Andrew, Jamaica. Free woman of colour. Partner of Robert Rainford senior (q.v.) with whom she had two sons, Robert and Samuel.

  1. Isabella Hall, daughter of Elizabeth Pinnock, "a free Negro woman" by Oliver Hall, born 05/02/1762 and baptised 16/06/1762 in Kingston, Jamaica.

  2. Isabella Hall, "Bro[wn]" was buried in Kingston, 28/02/1822. In her will, Isabella Hall manumitted several enslaved people and divided her property between her nieces and her two sons, adding "All my wearing apparel to be equally divided among my slave relations."


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  2. Ibid.; PROB 11/1708/407.

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Further Information

Died unmarried
[With Robert Rainford] Robert Rainford (1780-), Samuel Rainford (1781-)

PROB 11/1708/407 - precis.

Isabella Hall of St Andrew, Jamaica, gentlewoman.

To my niece Eleanor Birth £100 currency.

To my niece Eliza Lundy £50.

To John Cuthbert, Samuel Edwards and Anne Edwards all of Spanish Town £20 each.

To each of the children of my son Robert Rainford £20.

To the present wife of my said son £50.

To my sister Mary Hall £50 to purchase a mourning ring, also a few sheep to be selected from my stock, also my silver skewers and my chaise.

To each of my sons Robert and Samuel Rainford a decent suit of mourning.

To my sister Eleanor Bentley a mahogany chest of drawers and one of my bedsteads, bedding and furniture.

To Margaret Thornhill at present residing with me a mahogany chest of drawers and a decent suit of mourning.

To my niece Sarah Raister[Racster?] my time piece also a sambo girl slave named Diana Reed and to my niece Frances Raister a sambo girl slave named Janett Murray.

To my sister Eleanor Bentley my negro woman slave named Present for and during her natural life and after her decease I recommend the said slave to the particular care and protection of my nieces Frances and Sarah Raister.

All my wearing apparel to be equally divided among my slave relations.

To Eleanor Clarke £20.

Also to each and every of my slaves a decent suit of mourning.

To my niece Ann Hardy[? or Landy?] £200, also Liverpool and Eve, children of my negro slave named Present.

To James Tailor, son of my niece Sarah Racster, any one of the children of my slave named Rosannah Sefas that he may make choice of to and for his own use forever, also my small wardrobe.

I do hereby manumise, enfranchise and forever set free of and from all and all manner of slavery and servitude whatsoever my following slaves named Anne Brown, Rosannah Sefas, Mary Jarrett, Mary Pennock Hall, Eleanor Barnett Hall, Sarah Curran and her two male children.

To Thomas Byndloss £20.

To William Rainford £10.

All my pen, lands and appurtenances thereunto belonging situate on the Rochfort Row to my sister Mary Hall, but should she predecease me then these to my nieces Sarah Raester, Frances Raester and Mary Ann Hardy and the before named James Tailor and the survivors of them and the heirs and assigns of the last survivor forever.

My executors to convert my personal estate into ready money and to collect payment of all sums owing me. This sum to be held in trust for the payment of my just debts, funeral expenses and legacies.

All my pens, lands, tenements, heriditaments, messuages, slaves and premises and all other property real or personal except my dwelling house in Princess Street in Kingston to Sarah Racster and Frances Racster upon trust to sell for the following purposes. First, to pay just debts and funeral expenses and the costs of proving my will, and also the several legacies hereintobefore bequeathed and granted. And also should I not before my decease procure the freedom of the two children of Margaret Pearce now a slave upon Hope Estate to use their best endeavours to cause to be manumised and set free the said two chldren of the said Margaret Pearce.

As to my dwellinghouse piece or parcel of land in Princess Street in Kingston, the same to Sarah Racster and Frances Racster my nieces upon trust that they shall receive rents, issues and profits and divide the same in equal shares amongst Eleanor Barkey, Ann Edwards a free black woman in Spanish Town during their natural life and after their decease to their several children and the survivors of them for ever.

The rest and residue to Sarah Racster and Frances Racster upon trust to divide amongst my sons Robert Rainford and Samuel Rainford as shall seem most proper.

To my said trustees I request notwithstanding anything hereintobefore contained to the contrary that my furniture may not be sold but be divided as to my said trustees shall seem meet between my said two sons Robert and Samuel Rainford.

Sarah Racster and Frances Racster to be executors.

Signed 19/12/1821.

Witnesses John G[reenwarf] Hunt, Thomas Byndloss, Mary Ann Hardy.

Sworn in Jamaica 18/05/1822 and 16/10/1825.

Proved in London 25/02/1826.

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