Dr James Lawson of York Terrace

???? - 1829


James Lawson of York Terrace, Regents Park Middlesex whose will was proved 12/02/1830 and who was described as 'formerly of Jamaica and late of York Terrace' in 1839. Second husband of Ann Jarrett Lawson (q.v.) nee Steel, and probably the James Lawson who was a member of the West India Committee.

  1. Will of James Lawson of York Terrace, Regents Park Middlesex [made 18/04/1828] was proved 12/02/1830. In the will he left his wife an annuity of £100 p.a. over and above her marriage settlement, £2000 each to his son Thomas and his daughters Flora, Catherine, Jessey and Rhoda, and £150 to his daughter Elizabeth Morgan to bring his total settlement on her up to £2000. He expressed nervousness about the state of West India property ('in the present very unfavourable and uncertain state and value of West India property it is impossible to calculate what my estate may hereafter be able to afford'). He had, he said, bonds of the state of Peru of £13,400 on which dividends of £2824 were coming due: if the bonds came into credit and the dividends were paid he left an additional £1000 to each of his younger children. He left his Steelfield estate and the enslaved people on it to his son James Steel Lawson. In a codicil of 08/07/1828, he said that he had exchanged his Peruvian bonds for Colombian bonds and made the same provision for them as for the original bonds.


Times 30/12/1839 p. 8 (death of Catherine, 2nd daughter of James Lawson formerly of Jamaica and late of York Terrace, Regents Park, London; James Lawson was at meeting of West India Proprietors, and made a member of West India Committee, Times 11/1824 p. 3.

  1. PROB 11/1766/467. Among his executors was William Rhodes James 'at present residing in Suffolk', i.e. William Rhodes James IV. [A further codicil is obscured in the online images of the will on Ancestry.com].

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Ann Jarrett Lawson

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