Bathshua Beckford (née Herring)

1673 - 1750


Daughter of Colonel Julines Herring, a planter of Jamaica. Married to Peter Beckford junior. The couple had twelve children; Peter (1705-37), Anne (1706-45), William (1709-70), Richard (1712-56), Thomas (1712-15), Nathaniel (1713-39), George (1715-25), Bathshua (1720-37), Julines (?-1765), Francis (1724-68), Elizabeth (1726-91) and Ellis. Beckford junior's son William carried on the family dynasty and became thrice Lord Mayor of London and one of the wealthiest planters on the island. Sons William, Richard and Julines all became Members of Parliament. His daughter Elizabeth later married Thomas Howard, second earl of Effingham, and was the mother of Thomas Howard, third earl, who was governor of Jamaica in 1791.

Under the will of her husband (proved 1735) she inherited £1000 sterling per annum and her choice of Dirty Pitt Pen or Dry Sugar Works. Bathshua and her sons argued over the terms of the will, coming to an agreement in 1741 granting her £2,500 per annum rather than the original £1000, and a one-off payment of £1,500. She returned to England where she died in 1750.

Buried at St Margaret, Westminster, 14/01/1750.


See entry for Peter Beckford junior.

Perry Gauci, William Beckford First Prime Minister of the London Empire (Yale University Press, 2013) pp. 32, 35 and 43., Westminster Burials [database online].

Further Information

Maiden Name
Peter Beckford
Peter, William, Richard, Julines, Francis, Elizabeth, Thomas, Nathaniel, George, Bathshua. Anne, Ellis

PROB 11/785/330 - precis.

Bathsua Beckford late of Jamaica but now of Burlington Street, Middlesex, widow.

To my Negro servant Susan and her son their respective freedom, and my daughter the Countess of Effingham to pay to my said servant Susan £8 sterling for life.

To each of my children and grandchildren a mourning ring of value £5.

To my son Richard Beckford all the pictures that I shall die possessed of, together with my large silver tea.

To my son Francis Beckford my silver [?].

To my four grandsons George Ellis, John Ellis, William Ellis and Robert Ellis, children of my daughter Ann Ellis, £500 sterling to be paid out of the money due to me upon my late daughter's bond, equally divided between them.

To my grandson George Ellis my large silver cup.

To my granddaughter Bathsua Ellis £1,000 sterling.

To my cousin Daniel Herring Esquire £100.

To my cousin Donnie Herring Esquire £100.

To my niece Mary Herring £100.

To Mr George Barclay, late of Jamaica, £100.

To my grandson Peter Beckford my two silver beakers.

To my sons William Beckford and Julines beckford a ring with my hair of the value of £20 each.

To my daughters Lady Albinia Beckford and Elizabeth Beckford and my sons Francis and Julines, a ring with my hair of the value of £20 each.

To the trustees and governors of St George's hospital, £100 to be applied by them to the use and benefit of the hospital.

To Thomas Lord Bishop of Oxford, Rector of St James's £100 for charity as he shall think proper.

I discharge my granddaughter Bathsua Ellis and my niece Elizabeth Tarbutt from any demands that may or can be made by me on account of their board, maintenance and education.

To each of my servants one years wages over and above what shall be due to them.

All rest and residue of my personal and real estate to my daughter the Countess of Effingham subject nevertheless to the payment of my debts. She to be sole executrix.

Signed 03/01/1745.

Codicil dated 17/06/1750. As my son Richard Beckford has thought proper (and I apprive of its being done) to pay the £500 I had formerly left to my niece Elizabeth Tarbut (now Garrock) after my decease down immediately to her daughter Bathsua Tarbut and for her use into the hands of Mr Garrock, who I make no doubt will improve the same for her the said Bathsua Tarbut. I had mentioned a legacy to my four grandsons George, John, WIlliam and Robert Ellis should be paid out of my daughter Ellis's bond to me - I now desire this legacy may be paid out of the money due to me from my son Ellis's estate as my daughter's bond will shortly be paid to me. To my cousin Elizabeth Pennington £50 Jamaican currency. To the poor of the parish of St Elizabeth in Jamaica, £100. To the poor of the parish of Spanish Town in Jamaica, £100. To Lady Mrs Dorothy Beckford and Mrs Beckford of Astid[?] a mounring ring. Also to Mr Julines Herring [?] a ring. Also to Mrs Jennet Sadler (formerly Leines?) a ring. It is my desire that these sums be paid out of the £300 which is at present in my son Richard Beckford's hands.

I also give to Mr Robert Parsons and to his Lady a ring each to be paid out of the above sum of £300.

Proved at London 04/02/1750.

[Note the date of the codicil must be incorrect.]

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