Jane Fearon Rennalls

1782 - 1856


Bequeathed an annuity of £600 per annum on the death of her husband John Powell Rennalls in 1813.

Living at Montpellier Terrace, Cheltenham in 1841, age 59, of independent means, with her sister Eliza Rodon Patey age 54 and two female servants.Living at New Lane House, Lymington in 1851, aged 69, widow, fundholder, born Jamaica, with her sister Eliza Rodon Patey age 63 and two female servants.

The death of Jane Fearon Rennalls was registered Q4 1857 in Lymington.


PROB 11/1653/249.

1841 and 1851 censuses online.

Ancestry.com, England & Wales, Civil Registration Death Index, 1837-1915 [database online].

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Further Information

John Powell Rennalls
Samuel (1807-); John Vesey; William

PROB 11/2260/90 - precis.

Jane Fearon Rennalls now residing at Lymington in the County of Southampton widow.

Will made 14/09/1855.

To my sister Eliza Rodon Patey, widow, £1000 in 3% consolidated bank annuities and my wearing apparel, my watch and its appendages and all my household linen. My executors to pay my sister one half of any household expenses which she may incur for servants wages and housekeeping during the first three months after my decease.

To Susanna Creighton, daughter of Phillippa Redwood Creighton deceased £200 sterling.

To my daughter-in-law Agnes Elizabeth, wife of my son Samuel Renalls, all my jewells, trinkets and ornaments of the person and all my household goods, furniture, plate, china and books for her own separate and peculiar use and benefit.

To my niece Elizabeth Mackenzie wife of Paul Mackenzie Esquire of Jamaica and daughter of my late brother Rowland Israell, £500 in 3% consolidated bank annuities.

To my nephew Rowland Israell, child of my said brother, £200 the like bank annuities.

To my brother-in-law William Rodon Rennalls Esquire £50 sterling.

All residue of my money in the funds and all my ready money, personal estate and effects of every kind to William Rodon Rennalls and Walter George Stewart of Spanish Town, Jamaica, upon the following trusts.

To invest the money in parliamentary stocks of Great Britain or at interest on government securities in England, to pay the dividends to the hands of my daughter-in-law Agnes Elizabeth Rennalls during her natural life, for her own sole and separate use, without being liable to the debts or interference of her present husband. After her death the dividends to my son Samuel Rennalls, and thereafter to my sister Eliza Rodon Patey for her life. Immediately after her decease upon trust to my nephew Rowland Israell and my niece Elizabeth Mackenzie share and share alike as tenants in common.

My son Samuel Rennalls and my brother-in-law William Rodon Rennalls to be executors.

Codicil. Jane Fearon Rennalls formerly in the city of Bath but now at Lymington, widow. Dated 18/09/1855. Revoke the legacy to trustees, instead all residue to my son Samuel Rennalls for his own use. In case he shall die in my lifetime the same shall form part of his estate after my decease, excepting so far as the same may relate to my late sister Eliza Rodon Patey, which shall form part of my residuary personal estate. Codicil signed by mark.

Proved at London 06/11/1857.

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Addresses (2)

Montpellier Terrace, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, South-west England, England
New Lane House, Lymington, Hampshire, Wessex, England