Daniel Giles Governor of the Bank of England

???? - 1800


London merchant and financier, Governor of the Bank of England 1795-1797, and known to have become co-mortgagee in 1771 of estates in Grenada under the trusteeship of John Julius Angerstein (q.v.) (previously owned by John de Ponthieu and Israel Wilkes), and also involved in the syndicate of 16 individuals financing Peter Thellusson's Bacolet estate on Grenada in 1772. His son, also Daniel Giles, pursued the mortgage on the Beaulieu estate until the sale of the estate in the late 1810s. In 1771 Daniel Giles invested £1800 in either a mortgage over or a share of 400 enslaved Africans in the Caribbean leased to the British state. He was also the 'Mr Giles' who in 1770 was granted an annuity of £300 p.a. for the life of Mrs Mary Giles (likely his mother) payable from the Les Sources estate of the London merchant Noah Blisson (q.v.).

  1. Will of Daniel Giles of Youngsbury [in the parish of] Stansden Herts. proved 12/07/1800. He left a gold ring to 'every Bank director'; £40,000 in trust for his daughter Mary King for life with power for her to will it among her children (but only among them) in any proportions she chose; £7000 in capital stock to his grand-daughter Louisa King; £6000 in capital stock each to his three grandsons Joseph, Daniel and Benjamin King; £6000 in trust for a fourth grandson, Louis Henry; and after gifts to friends his residuary estate to his son Daniel.

  2. Mortgage by lease and release. Description: Wm Ottley of Hengrave, Suffolk, esq (1); Gilbert Francklyn of Merryworth, Kent, esq (2); Daniel Giles of Twickenham, esquire (3) (Other transactions recited). Three 1/16th shares in the "Negro Slaves" (400) in Antigua and other parts of West Indies, in the service of the Government. Seals. Signatures - Ottley and Francklyn. Endorsements - 8th January 1773: Acknowledgment of £1,800 paid by Daniel Giles: quit claim of Francklyn's title, etc to Giles. Date: 31st September 1771; 1st October 1771.


Anthony Twist, The Life of John Julius Angerstein p. 67; Susanne Seymour and Sheryllynne Haggerty, Slavery Connections of Brodsworth Hall: Final Report (English Heritage, 2010), pp. 103-4; Hertfordshire Archives, DE/A/2702 Title: Grant of an Annuity of £300 per annum Description: To Mr Giles during the life of Mrs Mary Giles, by Noah Blisson of London, merchant. Noah Blisson (1); Giles (2); Peter Turquand and Anthony Colombies (3). Payable out of a moiety of the Plantation called "Les Sources" in the Island of Granada, (coffee, cocoa, 20 negro slaves and lands). Seals of Lord Mayor. Signatures. (Note that it was entered in the Registers Office in Granada 12th January 1771). Attached: Affidavit by Thos Goostrey, that he witnessed the signatures. This is certified and signed and sealed by the Lord Mayor of London, Barlow Trecothick. 14th September 1770 Date: 1st August 1770. DE/A/2703 identifies him as Daniel Giles when he and Peter Turquand claimed non-payment of the annuity in 1774.

  1. PROB 11/1345/117.

  2. Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies, DE/A/2675 - 2676.

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Daniel, Mary

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1771 [SY] - 1800 [EY] → Mortgage Holder

In 1771 Daniel Giles and Daniel Richards lent £12,000 in the ratio 9/12ths:3/12ths secured on the Beaulieu estate and the enslaved people attached to it.

1772 [EA] - 1772 [LA] → Mortgage Holder

One of a pool of investors co-ordinated in 1772 by Peter Thellusson (q.v.) to raise money for the owners for the development of the Bacolet estate.

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Bank of England
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Member of the Court of Directors, 1774-76, 1777-80, 1781-84, 1785-88, 1789-1800, Deputy Governor 1793-95, Governor...

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Youngsbury Stansden, Hertfordshire, South-east England, England