Daniel Richard

???? - 1793


London merchant, co-lender in 1771 with Daniel Giles (q.v., under Daniel Giles, Governor of the Bank of England) of £12,000 to the trustees of the De Ponthieu estates secured on Beaulieu and the enslaved people attached to it. Richard had a minority share in the loan, which was split 3:1 between Daniel Giles and himself. Reportedly, Giles took on Richard's share of the loan after the latter's death c. 1793.

  1. Will of Daniel Richard of [Waddon] Croydon Surrey proved 30/12/1793. His principal heir was his grandson and godson Daniel Richard Warrington. He left his daughter Eleonora Sampson £14,000 in trust for life and then to her children. The will makes no direct reference to the mortgage over Beaulieu. It includes the bequest in trust to his daughter Eleonora Sampson of an annuity of £50 p.a. 'granted to me on her life by Ninian Home, Henry Douglas and Sir James Cockburn the 21st February 1770 and secured on an estate in Grenada now in the possession of Alexander Campbell who pays the annuity.'


Anthony Twist, 'Widening circles in finance, philanthropy and the arts: a study of the life of John Julius Angerstein, 1735-1823' (Phd Thesis, University of Amsterdam, 2002), pp. 28-29 and p. 46.

  1. PROB 11/1239/391.

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1771 [SY] - 1793 [EY] → Mortgage Holder
1770 [SY] - → Annuitant

LBS has tentatively associated the annuity specified in the will of Daniel Richard and described there as granted to him by Ninian Home, Henry Douglas and Sir James Cockburn with the Paraclete estate: Grenada Claim No. 775 for the enslaved people attached to Paraclete includes a counterclaim by William Foreman Home as executor of an assignee of an annuity for £50 p.a., which might be the same annuity as in the will of Daniel Richard.

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Waddon, Croydon, Surrey, South-east England, England