Edward Hunt the younger

???? - 1818


Son and co-heir of Edward Hunt of Oundle (q.v.), in whose will Edward Hunt the younger's share of the proceeds to be raised through the sale of Ottley Hall (and the enslaved people on it) on St Vincent were to be restricted by the trustees until his indebtedness was reduced to under £500. He was described in 1786 as Edward Hunt the younger heretofore of London, thereafter of the Island of St Vincent, merchant, now of Lille in French Flanders, merchant.

  1. Administration of the will of Edward Hunt of Ewell Surrey was granted to Thomas Welch Hunt (q.v.) 24/07/1818. The will shows him to have been the son and co-residuary legatee of Edward Hunt of Oundle and under it he initially left his property to his nephew Thomas Welch Hunt, the son of Rowland Hunt and grandson of Edward Hunt of Oundle, then amended the will to give 1/8th of his 1/4th interest in the residuary estate of his father to his sister Mary Hunt and the other 7/8th to Thomas Welch Hunt. In two attached letters dated 1813 to his executor Robert Grant he referred to his property in France and instructed Grant to make available from bonds and notes due from William Hepburn £300 p.a. for his [the testator's] daughter Mary Amelia Callard.


  1. PROB 11/1606/383.

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It appears likely that the Hunt family were mortgagees of the estate. Thomas Wolley was also the nephew of Edward Hunt the elder and cousin of Thomas Hunt, Rowland Hunt, and Edward Hunt the younger.

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Edward Hunt the younger was also party to what appears to be a mortgage deed between Thomas Wolley (mortgagor) and the Hunt family (mortgagees) in...
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