Edward Hunt of Oundle

???? - 1792


Absentee slave-owner on St Vincent, father of Thomas Hunt of Oundle, Rowland Hunt and Edward Hunt the younger (all of whom q.v.), the latter two of whom at least were themselves directly engaged in the slave-economy. The family genealogy is confused in a number of secondary sources: the will of Edward Hunt of Oundle identifies him as the brother of Rev. Rowland Hunt of Stoke Doyle, and hence as the son of Thomas Hunt of Boreatton (d. 1752).

  1. Administration of the will of Edward Hunt of Oundle [made in 1785] was granted 20/01/1792 to his son Rowland Hunt. In the [barely legible] will, he left his property in Oundle to his son Thomas and an estate named Ottley Hall on St Vincent 'with all the slaves, cattle, stock...' in trust (his trustees were Samuel Turner and Robert Porteus) to sell it for the benefit of his sons Thomas, Rowland and Edward, the latter entitled to his share only when his own indebtedness was reduced to under £500. His residuary heirs were his sons and his daughter Mary. In a series of codicils he replaced Robert Porteus as trustee and made Edward heir of two-thirds of the proceeds of Ottely Hall by redirecting the one-third share previously left to Thomas. By 1797 Rowland was dead and administration was granted to Thomas; and by 1818 Thomas had also died.


  1. PROB 11/1214/190. The will of Edward Hunt of Ewell Surrey proved 24/07/1818 (PROB 11/1606/383) was the will of the son and co-residuary legatee of Edward Hunt of Oundle and left his property to his nephew Thomas Welch Hunt (q.v.), the son of Rowland Hunt and grandson of Edward Hunt of Oundle.

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Thomas, Edward, Rowland, Mary

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- 1792 [LA] → Owner

Under his will of which administration was granted in 1792 Edward Hunt left his estate named Ottley Hall on St Vincent in trust to be sold for the benefit of his sons.

1786 [EA] - 1786 [LA] → Not known

It appears likely that the Hunt family were mortgagees of the estate. Thomas Wolley was also the nephew of Edward Hunt the elder and cousin of Thomas Hunt, Rowland Hunt, and Edward Hunt the younger.

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Edward Hunt of Oundle's sister Jane by her first marriage was mother of Thomas...
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Oundle, Northamptonshire, Central England, England