John Smith Budgen

???? - 1805


Son and heir of Thomas Budgen MP (q.v.). In his will 'of Twickenham' made in 1799 and proved 06/09/1805 he referred to a sum of £10,000, part of the fortune of his wife, advanced to his father on the security of his [the father's] West India property and two farms in England for the benefit of the children of John Smith Budgen and his wife, and he added £5000 to this sum, to be divided equally between the three of them, Lucretia, Cornelia and Maria.


PROB 11/1430/281.

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Lucretia Mills

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Son → Father
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Father → Daughter
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John Smith Budgen married Lucretia Mills, the daughter of Matthew Mills, a decade or so after the latter's death....
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South End house, Montpelier Row, Twickenham, Surrey, South-east England, England