Frances Jones (née Williams)

???? - 1813


Slave-owner on Nevis, in Bristol when she made her will and died in 1813. She was shown as previous owner with her sister Elizabeth Pemberton nee Williams of Williams' estate on Nevis with 38 enslaved people in a deed of 1806.

  1. Will of Frances Jones [late of the island of Nevis] widow of Bristol proved 13/08/1813. She left £100 to her son-in-law James Warner Rose, £50 to her nephew John Butler Pemberton, £10 each for a ring to her friends Mrs Pinney of Great George Street and Mrs Elizabeth Tobin of Park Street, and £200 to her servant Sarah Hippersley. She left detailed instructions for her burial in St Augustine Bristol, leaving £100, the interest on a bond due to her from William Laurence of Nevis and all the arrears of her annuity to fund a grave for two people and a plaque. Her residuary legatee was Sarah Hippersley, who also was made executor alongside Robert Bush.

  2. Of her husband Rev. William Jones, '[t]he Pinneys’ commercial house wrote [in 1786] about Jones: "We are at a loss to conceive how he could contrive to consume so much property"’.


  1. PROB 11/1547/176.

  2. Richard Pares, A West India Fortune p. 245, cited in David Small, 'Montpelier Estate St John Figtree Nevis Contrasting Legacies on a Sugar Plantation' (May 2010) p. 28. [accessed 07/01/2020].

Further Information

Maiden Name
Rev. William Jones

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1806 [EA] - 1806 [LA] → Previous owner

In 1806 Mrs Frances Jones was identified as the previous co-owner of an estate named Williams with 38 enslaved people that appears to have been combined in subsequent Slave Registers with the North Wales estate.

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