Sir Samuel Dukinfield 4th bart.

???? - 1768


Sir Samuel Dukinfield (who inherited the title from a cousin) was the son of John Dukinfield, a merchant of Bristol. In 1764 Sir Samuel Dukinfield was party to a defeazance under which he agreed with Sir George Colebrooke, Arnold Nesbitt and Moses Franks that 'the issues of [his] share in Dukinfield Hall plantation be paid towards the discharge of his debt to Samuel Touchet.' Sir Samuel Dukinfield's interest in Dukinfield or Duckenfield Hall in Jamaica appears to have been from his brother Robert Duckinfield (q.v.).

  1. An account of the transmission of the family's slave-property on the PortCities website does not appear to be fully supported by the will of John Dukinfield the father. PortCities suggests that John Dukinfield 'a slave-trader and member of the Society of Merchant Venturers' left his son Robert 'a large plantation in Jamaica in the 1750s.' However, in the will of John Duckinfield [sic] merchant of Bristol proved 30/09/1741 after commenting that his son Robert in Jamaica 'has in his hands effects of his mine to a very considerable value', he left £3000 to his three daughters, £500 to his son Samuel and the remainder to his son William: there was no mention of an estate or any bequest to Robert. William died before 1745 and Robert died c. 1756 in Jamaica, leaving his interest in Dukinfield or Duckenfield Hall to his brother Samuel.

  2. Will of Sir Samuel Dukinfield of Bloomsbury Square proved 21/07/1768. The will makes no reference to 'slave-property.'


London Metropolitan Archives Acc/0775/822 dated 14/01/1764.

  1. PortCities Bristol, Plantation Owners/Traders Merchants and Planters [accessed 25/01/2012]; PROB 11/711/470.

  2. PROB 11/940/381

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