William Gowan

???? - 1841

Claimant or beneficiary


Apparently a resident merchant on St Kitts, awarded the compensation as trustee for Palmetto Point but also having a claim over some of the compensation money himself under a pledge from the owners, the Crooke family. Almost certainly the same man as the William Gowan who appears as a trustee of Nicholas Clements Henry in two other St Kitts awards. Probably the William Gowan, or connected with the William Gowan, who was a signatory with Robert Gowan (the two 'who formed the firm of Geo. M'Nish and Co.') of the announcement in 1818 that the concern carried on in the Island of St Vincent by George McNish and Co., of Glasgow, Charles Gocking and Robert McNish jun. under the firm of Gocking, McNish and Co., was dissolved on 01/03/1818. A second announcement showed the end of similar partnerships in Glasgow, Antigua and St Kitts.

  1. William Gowan, resident of St Kitts, died there in 1841. Brief details of him appeared in a legal suit in 1845 arising from his role under the will of his brother Robert of Glasgow, who had died in 1833.


St Kitts claim no. 361; St Kitts claim nos. 5 and 686; London Gazette, Issue 17679, 10/02/1821, p. 378; London Gazette 2779 5 February 1820 p. 48.

  1. Mrs Margaret Gowan or Nicholson and husband v. William Gowan's executors, Reports of Cases Decided in the Supreme Courts of Scotland and in the House of Lords on Appeal Volume 17 (1845) p. 215.

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£637 19s 6d
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George McNish & Co.
West India and General Merchant  

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