Joseph Warner Bromley

1792 - 16th Dec 1860


London solicitor, trustee and agent for other trustees on a complex award on Byde Mill in Barbados.

  1. In partnership at Gray's Inn as 'Attorneys and Solicitors' with William Bromley until the dissolution of the partnership 20/09/1834; William Bromley subsequently went bankrupt but Joseph Warner Bromley continued, retiring 31/12/1850 from his partnership with Walter William Aldridge.

  2. Baptised or born 02/10/1792 at St George the Martyr, the son of Nathaniel Warner Bromley. Married Amelia Robarts 17/01/1822 at Westminster. Will of Joseph Warner Bromley formerly of Gray's Inn but lately of Bansfield Hall Suffolk who died at Bansfield Hall 16/12/1860 proved 29/01/1861 by two of his sons, effects under £14,000.


T71/898 Barbados claim no. 3777 (Byde Mill).

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Further Information

Amelia Robarts
Nathaniel Warner (1822-), Joseph Robarts (1824-), Amelia (1827-), Mary Anne (1829-), Emma (1831-), Martha Jane (1836-)
Wealth at death

Associated Claims (2)

£1,582 13s 7d
£29 2s 6d
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Addresses (2)

1 South Square, Gray's Inn, London, Middlesex, London, England
Bansfield Hall, Wickhambrook, Suffolk, East Anglia, England