Barbados 3777 (Byde Mill)

24th Apr 1837 | 73 Enslaved | £1582 13s 7d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 326.

T71/898: claim by Ellis [sic] Anderson Stephens, as tenant for life. Counterclaims from: Geo Sperling et. al., as trustees of a settlement dated 05/05/1829, of one fourth part of all enslaved persons in question; Rich Marriott, of Abbotts Hall, and his wife Sophia Lucy, who were beneficially interested in one quarter of the enslaved persons; Wm Hy Layton, of North End Villa, Fulham, and his wife Frances Elizth, who were beneficially interest in one quarter of the enslaved persons by deed on or about 08/01/1772; Geo Sperling, of Halstead, and Maria Charlotte his wife, who were beneficially interested in one quarter of the enslaved persons; Charles Walton, of Haverhll, Essex, and his wife Mary Ann, who were interested under a settlement of 08/01/1772 - Anderson to Goosty (?) - in one fourth part of one enslaved person [sic]. Admission by Ellys Anderson Stephens of the counterclaims put in by his 4 daughters subject to his life interest: & appointment of Edward Finch [of Old Hall Steeple Bumstead) as his trustee. Joseph Warner Bromley was agent for other trustees.

T71/1594 p. 166: letter, dated 29/01/1838, to J.W. Bromley, South Square, Grays Inn, referring to this claim.

T71/557 p. 1: enslaved persons were registered in 1834 by Mathew Williamson Cromartie, as the property of the heirs in remainder of Sir Stephen Anderson bart on Byde Mill, in the occupation of said Mathew Williamson Cromartie.

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Byde Mill

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