Captain Duncan Graham

26th Apr 1776 - 21st Sep 1861

Claimant or beneficiary


Awarded one-third of the compensation for the enslaved on Mount Rich in Grenada; the other two-thirds went to the executor of John McInnes (q.v.).

  1. 'Captain Duncan Graham of the 6th Regiment of Foot, residing in No. 17 Meadow Place, and Miss Mary Jane Love, residing in the same place, both in this parish, daughter of the late Daniel Love Esquire of West Kilbride Ayrshire have been three times proclaimed in order to marriage in the parish church of St Cuthberts and no objections have been offered.' Three children born to Duncan Graham and Mary Jane Love: Duncan Daniel (born 18/08/1826, baptised in 1826 in Largs, Ayrshire), Janet (born 26/08/1830, baptised in Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire) and John (born 14/02/1832 and baptised 1832 in Kilbarchan).

  2. Living at Greenfield, Irvine, Ayrshire, in the 1841 census, age 55, of independent means, with Mary age 38, Duncan (14), Robert (12), Jessie (9), John (8), Mary (7), Nicol (5), Christina (1 month) and 4 female servants. Living at Hawhill, West Kilbride, in the census of 1851, a widower, landed proprietor, age 62 years, with Robert age 19, Janet age 18, Mary Jane age 16, one male servant and one female servant.

  3. Inventory of the personal estate of Major Duncan Grahame of Glenny Sea Mill Ardrossan who died at Edinburgh while temporarily residing there on 21/09/1861, and had at the time of his death his ordinary or principal domicile in the county of Ayr. Personal estate £571 4s 5d. Sole executor Captain Duncan Daniel Grahame late of Her Majesty's 5th Regiment of Foot, presently residing at Sea Mill near Ardrossan. Includes deed of settlement executed 11/12/1858.

  4. Duncan Graham, Major, retired, widower of Mary Jane Love, died 21/09/1861 at 15 Salisbury Street, Edinburgh, age 85. Parents John Grahame, landed proprietor, deceased, and Janet Grahame, MS Millar, deceased. Informant D. D. Grahame, son, present.

  5. Note that this identification is confirmed by the naming of one of his children Robert Stirrat Graham (Robert Starret was a joint-owner of Mount Rich 1817-1820) and his wife's father Daniel Love (Daniel Love, probably his wife's brother as her father died before 1825, was a joint owner of Mount Rich 1826-1829). Mary Jane Graham nee Love was the niece of Robert Starret, who bequeathed her £3,000 payable out of his share of the profits of Mount Rich in 1824.

  6. A detailed family tree by Belinga Dettmann, dated August 2006, gives the following:

    Major Duncan GRAHAM of Over Glenny; born 26 Apr 1776 at Aberfoyle, Perth; married Mary Jane Love, daughter of Daniel Love of West Kilbride and Janet Starrett, 21 Nov 1825 at Edinburgh, Midlothian; died 22 Sep 1861 at Sea Mill, Ardrossan, at age 85.

    Children of Major Duncan Graham of Over Glenny and Mary Jane Love were as follows:

    i. Captain Duncan of Over Glenny (Capt 78th Highlanders); born circa 1826; died 1863.

    ii. Robert; born 24 Dec 1827 at Largs, Ayr. Emigrated to Melbourne, Australia, said to have died without issue.

    iii. Janet (Jessie); born 26 Aug 1830 at West Kilbride; married Archibald Henry Fraser 27 Nov 1851 at West Kilbride; died 11 Jun 1897 at age 66.

    iv. Captain John; born 14 Feb 1832; married Agnes Campbell, daughter of Daniel Campbell Fullwood Park Liverpool, 1863; died 23 Dec 1897 at age 65. (Of 6th Foot. Served in North West Fontier 1853 (Medal and Clasp).

    v. Lt Nicol; born 3 Jul 1837; died 1857 at Pass of Alumbagh, India. Served through Crimean War in 90th Light Infantry. Killed at Relief of Lucknow. Letters on the Internet at

    vi. Christina Ann; born 7 May 1841 at Irvine, Ayr.

    This family tree makes no mention of Grenada.


T71/880 Grenada no. 698A & B. T71/330 p. 92 describes him as 'Captain Duncan Graham'.

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  5. See estate information for Mount Rich and will details for Robert Starret.

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We are grateful to Jim Brennan for his assistance with compiling this entry.

Further Information

Mary Jane Love
Duncan Daniel (1826-), Robert Stirret (1827-), Janet or Jessie (1830-1897), John (1832-), Mary Jane (1834-), Nicol (1836-), Christina Ann (1841-)

Disposition and deed of settlement.

Major Duncan Graham of Glenny. Lands and estate of Upper or Over Glenny in the parish of Monteith, also my lands and estate of Outer Airdoch in the parish of Kilivinning, Ayrshire and in West Kilbride, Ayrshire, to Duncan Graham, my son and his heirs. Also to him my whole moveable means and estate which shall belong to me at the time of my death.

This under the conditions mentioned, vizt. that he shall immediately after my death make up title to the said lands and estate of Outer Airdoch in favour of John Graham, my youngest son, Lieutenant in Her Majesty's 6th Regiment of Foot and his heirs and successors, a feu right of the whole mines, minerals, metals, fossils, coal, limestone, firestone and others within the said lands of Outer Airdoch.

Also that Duncan Graham shall make payment to Robert Sterrat Graham, my seond son, late Lieutenant in the Ayrshire Rifles and his heirs £600 sterling.

Duncan Graham to make payment to each of my other younger children: the said John Graham; Janet or Jessie Graham or Fraser, wife of Archibald Henry Fraser, Surgeon in Her Majesty's 75th Regiment; and Mary Jane Graham or Hunter, wife of Archibald Hunter, merchant in London. £600 sterling to each of them.

Also to Robert Stirrat Graham, my second son, the house of Hawkhill in the parish of West Kilbride. To Janet or Jessie Graham or Fraser, my eldest daughter, the house in the village of Kilbride.


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£7,270 18s 3d
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Robert Starret was Captain Duncan Graham's wife's uncle, and he bequeathed her £3,000 in his will, chargeable on the profits of Mount Rich estate in Grenada. Mary Jane Love, daughter of David Love...
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Addresses (4)

17 Meadow Place, Edinburgh, Midlothian (Edinburgh), Central Scotland, Scotland
Glenny, Seamill, Ardrossan, Ayrshire, Southern Scotland, Scotland
Greenfield, Irvine, Ayrshire, Southern Scotland, Scotland
Hawhill, West Kilbride, Ayrshire, Southern Scotland, Scotland