Richard Nicholl

???? - 1839

Claimant or beneficiary


Awarded in his own right a half share of the compensation for Spring and Mt Wynne estates in St Vincent as owner-in-fee; he also was part of a group (possibly including his wife's cousin Nicholas Charrington) who were awarded the other half of the compensation for the two estates, apparently as devisees-in-trust of John Nicholl for unpaid purchase money. He was the same man as the Richard Nicholl the cousin, trustee and beneficiary of the 1795 will of Robert Wynne of St Vincent (q.v.). He directly funded the business of one of his sons as a brewer at Colchester (Charrington Nicholl & Co. Ltd) in the 1830s, and probably indirectly funded that of two other sons (H & V Nicholls Anchor Brewery in Lewisham) around the same time.

  1. Richard Nicholl, late of St Vincent, married Miss Anne Charrington, dau[ghter] of John C[harrington] of Mile End Road 13/07/1802. Death of Richard Nicholl registered Brighton Sussex Q4 1839.

  2. The will of Richard Nicholl of Greenhill Grove Herts., made 09/02/1836 and proved 30/11/1839, deals at length with the Mount Wynne and Spring estates. Under the will he rehearsed his marriage settlement (his wife contributed mortgages over property and he gave a bond for £10,000), and disposed of the settled property (some £23,000) among their children. He had secured an annuity of £800 p.a. to his wife on the Mount Wynne estate, which he asked her to release in favour of other provisions, including the benefit of the St Vincent estates and interest on £19,000 for life. After her death the St Vincent estates including the Apprenticeships of his labourers (but excluding the slave compensation, which was to go to his personal estate) were to go to his three younger sons Harry, Vincent and Charrington. He left a separate sum of £17,000 in trust for four children (£4000 for John Richard Nicholl; £3000 to Charrington Nicholl; and £5000 each to his daughters Anne and Elizabeth. He left £3500 each to his sons Harry and Vincent. He also made up a deficiency in the estate of his late son-in-law the ship-owner Thomas Burton Rann, whose estate had defaulted on the £4000 due to Nicholls' daughter Katharine under her marriage settlement with Rann. A series of codicils recorded in vivo gifts, e.g. of £5000 to Charrington Nicholl, £5000 to Harry Nicholl and Vincent Nicholl, and of £5000 mortgages advanced over property of Kimber Gross & Nicholl's in Colchester to the Rev. John Richard Nicholl.

  3. The will of Richard Nicholl's brother John Nicholl of Mount Wynne Plantation Island of St Vincent proved 16/02/1830 contains an estimate made in 1829 of the value and profitability of the Mount Wynne and Spring estates.

  4. Richard Nicholls' daughter Rose married Robert Blake Byass, a partner in Byass and Charrington and co-founder of the Gonzalez Byass sherry concern.


T71/892 St Vincent nos. 482 (Spring) and 640 (Mt Wynne).

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  2. PROB 11/1919/21.

  3. PROB 11/1767/81; John and Richard were brothers and co-owners of Mount Wynne and Spring, the sons of Richard Nicholl (d. 1785) shown on the Byres' map of 1776 as an original purchaser of 48 acres, according to extracts from Charles Shephard's 'An historical account of the Island of St Vincent' (1831) posted online at various genealogical sites.

  4. and [both accessed 09/06/2015].

Further Information

Name in compensation records
Rich. Nicholl
Anne Charrington
John Richard; Harry; Katharine; Anne; Elizabeth; Rose; Vincent; Charrington

Associated Claims (2)

£4,552 7s 1d
Awardee (Owner-in-fee)
£6,124 7s 4d
Awardee (Owner-in-fee)

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- 1830 [EY] → Joint owner
- 1830 [EY] → Joint owner

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Firm Investment
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Richard Nicholl lent £5000 on mortgage to Kimber Gross & Nicholl of Colchester in the 1830s....

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Nicholas Charrington married Anna Maria Nicholl in 1807. An Anna Maria Nicholl was shown as his 'adopted' [and natural] daughter in the will of John Nicholl (d.1829), whose brother Richard Nicholl...
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Father → Son
Father → Son
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Nicholl described Robert Wynne as his cousin in his will....

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Greenhill Grove, Hertfordshire, South-east England, England