Antigua 343 (Big Duers)

21st Jan 1839 | 244 Enslaved | £3306 6s 9d

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Not listed in Parliamentary Papers.


T71/877: claim by Reid & Dixon, as assignees of Manning & Anderdon. Counterclaim from Elizabeth Duer and Theodora Duer, of Chichester (Sussex), England, 'for portions under a deed of settlement of £2500 and also an annuity to them respectively of £50 under the will of John (amended to Rowland) Duer the younger, the said annuities with interest on the portions are in arrear from 5/4/1831'. Counterclaims from local creditors, but also from Josiah Martin, of Nottingham Place, Marylebone, for a bond of £133 15s 73/4d. An affidavit, dated February 1839, of the amount due to the Duers set it at £5659 3s 8d.


T71/250: enslaved persons were registered by John Rose, on behalf of John Freeland, attorney of the assignees of Big Duers in 1832.


T71/129: Rowland Duer senior was the father (amended from grandfather) of two women, tenant for life. The remainderman was Rowland Duer junior (deceased), their brother.


Caribbeana Vol. II p. 240: the will of Rowland Duer (junior), dated 01/01/1794. Eliz. Duer, Theodora Duer and Mary Duer (the sisters of Rowland Duer) were each due an annuity of £50, with the estate in trust to John Duer (Rowland Duer's brother).


T71/1221: affidavit of Sir George Henry Rose, nephew of the late Rev. Rowland Duer, late of Chichester. The affidavit was sworn on 26/04/1837 by Sir G. H. Rose, of Old Palace Yard, Knight Grand Cross of the royal Hanoverian. States that George Henry Rose was acquainted with the said Rowland Duer and with his family since Rowland Duer's death. Rowland Duer had departed this life many years since, leaving a widow ('who is since dead') and five children and no more him surviving, namely Rowland Duer esq. (his eldest son and  heir at law),  John Duer (his younger son) - both since deceased - and Elizabeth and Theodora Duer, both now residing at Chichester (the aforesaid spinster and counterclaimants to the above claim), and Mary Cresswell, a widow. Rowland Duer (the son) died c. 1795; John Duer died c. 1828. Neither Elizabeth nor Theodora ever married.


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