Theodora Duer

1776 - 1847

Claimant or beneficiary


With her sister Elizabeth Duer (q.v.) awarded as counterclaimants under a deed of settlement and as annuitants under their brother's will, the compensation for Big Duers estate on Antigua, which had belonged to their father Rowland Duer, and then passed to their brothers Rowland Duer the younger (died c. 1795) and (in trust) John (died c. 1828). 

  1. In 1841 Theodora Duer aged 65 Independent was living in the Cathedral Close at Chichester, apparently in a lodging-house. Will of Theodora Duer spinster of Chichester proved 28/05/1847. In the will, she left her estate in trust with half the income to go to her sister Elizabeth Duer and half to her sister Mary Creswell widow, and then to Mary's children.



T71/877 Antigua claim no. 343 (Big Duers). T71/1221 affidavit from Sir George Henry Rose, the sisters' cousin, setting out the background to the women's claim. 

  1. 1841 census; PROB 11/2055.


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£3,306 6s 9d

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Chichester, Sussex, South-east England, England