Jamaica Hanover 465 (Saltspring)

13th Aug 1841 | 204 Enslaved | £4009 2s 3d

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Not listed in Parliamentary Papers.

T71/872: claim by Philip Anglin Scarlett, as attorney to the heirs of Dugald Campbell (who died in 1817), and as receiver appointed by the Court of Chancery in the case of Johnson vs Campbell. Counterclaims inter alios from Wm. Bell, as mortgagee in trust; George Johnson, as annuitant under the will of Dugald Campbell; John Campbell, of Budleigh  Salterton, Devon, on behalf of himself and Duncan Campbell, of Alfred Place, Bedford Sq..

PROB 11/1600: Dugald Campbell's will, dated 01/11/1813, Thomas Hotel, London, was proved on 07/01/1818 in London by Dugald's brothers, John and Duncan. The will established 8 annuities totalling £460 per annum, largely in favour of family members in Britain.

D. M. Killingray, 'Kent & the Abolition of the Slave trade: a county study 1760s-1807', Archaeologia Cantiana CXXVII (2007) pp. 107-125 and p. 111: the estate was owned first by Duncan Campbell (1726-1803), of Greenwich. In 1784, Duncan Campbell bought a property at West Kingsdown, paying £21,458 for 2000 acres.

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