Jamaica St Dorothy 92 (Wood Hall)

27th Nov 1837 | 162 Enslaved | £3272 14s 7d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 286.

T71/853: the four awarded appear to be trustees nominated on 28/11/1837 by 'Misses (= Messrs) Johnston & Farquhar and W.H.R. Bayley'. Claim originally from Sarah Ann Bayley, a widow; Rev. William Henry Ricketts Bayley; Sarah Jane Bayley; and Frances Louisa Bayley, by their attorney James M. William, as 'Tenant for life, the others tenants in remainder as testamentary Guardians of Charlotte Augusta Bayly and others, infants'. Counterclaim from Rev. Lewis Bowerbank, as an annuitant of £300.

See also Barbados claim no. 4146 for Rev. William Henry Ricketts Bayley.

T71/1606: letter, dated 28/11/1837, stating - we the undersigned, the Rev. W.H. Ricketts Bayley, of Hasleton near Bristol, a clerk, as one of the residuary devisees and also as executor. . . under the last will and testament of Alexander Bayley esq., and as agent for the other parties under the claim; and David Morrice Johnston and Thomas Newman Farquhar, as attorneys for the Rev. Lewis Bowerbank, of the Island of Jamaica, a counterclaimant, hereby request you to appoint the following persons as trustees of the compensation money to be held by them subject to any award that you may make thereon: David Morrice Johnston, of New Broad St., a Gentleman; Thomas Newman Farquhar, of the same place, a Gentleman; Benjamin Adam, of Savage Gardens, a merchant; and John Henry Nelson, of the same place, a merchant.'

Will of Alexander Bayley of St Dorothy County of Middlesex Island of Jamaica proved 11/1/2/1832 PROB 11/1808/367.

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St Dorothy
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Wood Hall

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