Trinidad 1632 ([Northumberland &] Good Hope)

25th Jul 1838 | 72 Enslaved | £3183 18s 1d

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Not listed in Parliamentary Papers.

T71/894: claim from Bogles and Hamilton as mortgagees. Counterclaim from Sir Thomas John Cochrane Bart., of London, as first mortgagee under deeds dated 1810 and as heir at law of Sir Alex. Inglis Cochrane. Counterclaim from Bogles (surviving partners of the firm of James Bogle) under a mortgage of 1822.

T71/519 p 2341: 80 enslaved persons registered by David Hutchison on New Grant as attorney to the heirs of Sir Alex Inglis Cochrane in 1834.

Although the PP gives only 'Archibald Bogle' for this award, a comparison with Trinidad no. 1884 strongly suggest this is Archibald Bogle the younger.

T71/1305: counterclaims also from Sir Coutts Trotter, Edward Marjoribanks, Wm Ely Cook, trustees under a settlement.

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[Northumberland &] Good Hope

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Unsuccessful claimant (Mortgagee)
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