Antigua 387 (Folly & Savanna)

15th May 1837 | 264 Enslaved | £3461 17s 6d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 309. The award was split: the Purriers received £346 3s 9d; Mary Johnson received £665; Darvall and Tebbs received £2450 13s 9d. Award split: Purriers £346 3s 9d; Mary Johnson £665; Darvall and Tebbs £2450 13s 9d.

T71/877 claim by Godschall Johnson [II], owner-in-fee by atty H.E.Gale.


Edward Darvall of Boulogne sur Mer, in right of wife an annuitant under the will of late Godshall Johnson, arrears due £150.

Ralph B. Johnson of Montreal by Attorney Edward Darvall, annuitant under the will of the late Godshall Johnson Esq arrears due £150.

Henry Samuel Eyre of Bryanston Square Middlesex and John Willing Warren of the Grove, Kentish Town, Middlesex under three mortgage deeds. 1st for a sum sufficient to purchase £1800 3 per cent consols and £81 for interest of dividends thereon. 2nd for a sum sufficient to purchase £2000 3 per cent consols and £450 for interest thereon. 3rd £2765 abd £1244 5s for interest thereon.

Rev. Horace George Cholmondeley of Kingston House, Dorset, by attorney Henry Whittaker, 10 Lincoln's Inn, New Sauare, annuity of £100 bequeathed to wife of counterclaimant for life, by will of Godshall Johnson.

William Kent Thomas, 3 Jeffreys Square, St Mary Axe, London, surviving partner of late firm of Purrier and Thomas, solicitors Purrier and Wright of 37 Old Broad Street, for balance of account secured by certain deeds, £6725 6s 9d.

Mary Johnson of Brighton, Sussex, widow, a jointure of £600 per annum and a yearly sum of £9 19s secured by certain deeds and by will of Godshall Johnson, arrears £157.

John Vincent Purrer of Lucea, Hanover, Jamaica, Edward Purrier of 3 Jeffreys Square, St Mary Axe, London, and Thomas Purrier of 37 Old Broad Street London, devisees in trust and executors of John Vincent Purrier, a charge under certain deeds for £1060 and interest upon a fifth part of a moiety of said estate and slaves. Balance due on 30 April last was £2121 4s 4d.

See also Antigua claim no. 2 for Godschall Johnson claim through executors.

T71/1622: Abitration - the Purriers were entitled to 1/5th of one moiety; Mary Johnson was entitled to the arrears due on her annuity of £600, secured by indre of settlement of 08/03/1792; the remainder went to the trustees for the satisfying annuity of Mary Johnson (widow of Godschall Johnson).

Remainder of the said compensation is subject to the payment to Mary Johnson of an annuity of £600 secured to her by indentures of lease and release by way of settlements dated the 7th and 8th days of March 1792 then petitioner made between Godshall Johnson since deceased of the 1st part; Philip Francis since deceased and the said Mary Johnson then Mary Francis spinster of the 2nd part; David Godfrey, John Godfrey and John Julius Angerstein all since deceased of the 3rd part; Philip Francis the younger and John Nesbitt and George Shee both since deceased of the 4th part. And whereas there is now due and payable to the said Mary Johnson the sum of £665 for arrears of the said annuity. And whereas after transferring one fifth part of one moiety of the said compensation money and the interest and accumulations thereon on account of the said mortgage debt and the payment of the arrears of the said annuity there will remain the sum of £2450 13s 9d together with the interest and accumulations thereon and also the interest and accumulations on the said sum of £665 which will be applicable to the discharge of the accruing payments on account of the said annuity.

Trustees to be John Bayley Darvall of 2 Essex Court, Middle Temple, Esquire, Henry Virtue Tibbs of Doctors Commons in the City of London, Esquire and Nathaniel Mason of Red Lion Square, Middlesex, gentleman.

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