Antigua 387 (Folly & Savanna)

15th May 1837 | 264 Enslaved | £3461 17s 6d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 309. The award was split: the Purriers received £346 3s 9d; Mary Johnson received £665; Darvall and Tebbs received £2450 13s 9d.


T71/877: claim from Godschall Johnson, as owner-in-fee, by his attorney H. E. Gale. Counterclaims include Edward Darvall, of Boulogne, in right of his wife, an annuitant under the will of Godschall Johnson; Ralph B. Johnson, of Montreal, an annuitant under will of Godschall Johnson; Rev. Horace George Cholmondley, of Kingston House, Dorset, for an annuity of £100 bequeathed to his wife by Godschall Johnson; W. K. Thomas, as surviving partner of Purrier & Thomas; Mary Johnson, a widow, of Brighton Sussex, for jointure of £600 per annum.


See also Antigua claim no. 2 for Godschall Johnson claim through executors.


T71/1622: Abitration - the Purriers were entitled to 1/5th of one moiety; Mary Johnson was entitled to the arrears due on her annuity of £600, secured by indre of settlement of 08/03/1792; the remainder went to the trustees for the satisfying annuity of Mary Johnson (widow of Godschall Johnson). J. J. Angerstein was named as one of the parties (probably as trustee of the marriage settlement of Godschall Johnson the elder in 1792).

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Folly & Savanna

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