Antigua 266 (Lyon's Estate)

28th Mar 1836 | 274 Enslaved | £4236 3s 7d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 309.

T71/877: claim from Norborne Thompson and Henry Shepherd Pearson as trustees for John Lyons, deceased, by their attorney Nicholas Nugent. Counterclaim from Eliza Catherine, Mary Harman and Caroline Amelia Lyons, of St Nevis, 'co-heiresses and residuary legatees of the will of the Rev Honble Samuel Lyons dated January 29th 1827 who was a son and legatee of John Lyons'.

Caribbeana  Vol. I p.22: includes a reference to a deed among Norborne Thompson, a Capt. in the Royal Navy; H. S. Pearson, of Limington, Southampton (Hampshire); and Robert Cutts Barton, Capt. in the Royal Navy, relating to large property in  Antigua, lately the property of John Lyons. See also Caribbeana  Vol. I p.137-8 for the changes in trust of 25/11/1820.

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Lyon's Estate

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