Caroline Amelia Lyons

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Daughter of Rev. Samuel Lyons (1768-1827) and his wife Alicia Harman (herself the daughter of William Wickham Harman of Murray's, Antigua, by Sarah Duberry). Counterclaimed with her sisters for compensation for Lyon's estate in Antigua as heirs of their father Samuel who was heir of his father John Lyons senior. The compensation was awarded to the trustees of the estate of John Lyons junior (Caroline's uncle). Of Nevis in the mid-1830s.

Little else is known about Caroline Amelia Lyons. In 1838 William Thomas Nicholson, doctor of medicine, and Josiah Nicholson, a merchant and co-partner, took her to Court for a debt of N£700. In a document entered in the Court in January 1849 the spinsters Mary Lyons and Caroline Lyons were mentioned as being in possession of, or owning ‘partly lands of the late Thomas Arthurton dec’d’.


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£4,236 3s 7d
Unsuccessful claimant (Legatee)

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