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Daughter of Rev. Samuel Lyons (1768-1827) and his wife Alicia Harman (herself the daughter of William Wickham Harman of Murray's, Antigua, by Sarah Duberry). Counterclaimed with her sisters for compensation for Lyon's estate in Antigua as heirs of their father Samuel who was heir of his father John Lyons senior. The compensation was awarded to the trustees of the estate of John Lyons junior (Amelia's uncle). Of Nevis in the mid-1830s.

  1. Eliza Catherine Lyons, spinster, married the widower Josiah Webbe Daniel 09/02/1837. One of the witnesses was her brother William Lyons. Eliza Catherine and Josiah Webbe Daniel had at least two sons: Josiah Webb (in the parish register without the 'e') and William Samuel. They lived in Charlestown where Josiah practised as a doctor.

  2. Josiah Webbe Daniel had previously been married to Eliza, the eldest daughter of William and Elizabeth Pemberton (one source states this was his second marriage). Eliza nee Pemberton died in June 1824.

  3. Josiah had a child with the free woman Georgiana Browne in the late 1820s. He joined the Nevis Council 15/07/1826 and was an Aide De Camp to the Governor General in the Nevis militia in 1836.


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West Indian
Josiah Webbe Daniel
Josiah Webbe (1838-), William Samuel (1845-)

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£4,236 3s 7d
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