John Lyons junior

20th Oct 1760 - 6th Feb 1816

Claimant or beneficiary


Compensation for Lyons estate in Antigua was awarded to Norborne Thompson and Henry Shepherd Pearson (each of whom q.v.) as trustees under the will of 'John Lyons deceased.' Although neither Thompson nor Pearson was named in the will of John Lyons junior (1760-1816) as a trustee (the executors of the will were Joseph Lyons Walrond and John Lyons junior's [second] wife Elizabeth Lyons, and the trustees were Maine Swete Walrond and Samuel Athill), Pearson was John Lyons junior's son-in-law and the will referred to must be that of John Lyons junior (1760-1816) of Antigua and Saint Austin's, Hampshire, who was the son of John Lyons senior (1731-1775) of Bath and Antigua (q.v.). Counterclaims were lodged by the three daughters of Rev. Samuel Lyons (1768-1827), 'co-heiresses and residuary legatees of the will of the Rev Honble Samuel Lyons dated January 29th 1827 who was a son and legatee of John Lyons [senior]'.

This entry relates to John Lyons junior.

  1. “John Lyons of Antigua and St. Austin’s, co. Hants, born 20 Oct. 1760; Member of Council 1782; died 6 Feb. 1816; bur. and M.I. at Boldre near Leamington, co. Hants. Will dated 5 Oct. 1804, Codicils 1813 and1815; proved by his widow Elizabeth 9 April 1816.” Son of John Lyons (1731-1775) and Jane Harman (1733-1792). Married firstly, Catherine (1763-1803), his second cousin, 3rd daughter of Maine Swete Walrond of Antigua by Sarah Lyons. Married secondly, Elizabeth (1767-1820), 1st daughter of William Robbins of Endless Street, Salisbury.

  2. Children of John Lyons were, with his first wife, Jane (1785-), Eliza (1786-), John (1787-1872), Theodore (1788-1825), Henry (1789-1807), Edmund, Lord Lyons (1790-1858), Anne (1792-1816), Catherine (1794-1857), William (1795-), George Rose (1796-1828), William Mills (1797-1881), Maine Walrond (1798-1827), Humphrey (1802-1873), Charles Bethel (1803-1865); and with his second wife, Samuel Athill (1805-1881), Frances Walrond (1806-1884), Edward Robbins (1807-1849).

  3. Edmund, Lord Lyons, has an entry in the ODNB as 'naval officer and diplomatist.'


T71/877 Antigua claim no. 266 (Lyons estate).

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  3. Andrew Lambert, ‘Lyons, Edmund, first Baron Lyons (1790–1858)’, Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Oxford University Press, 2004; online edn, Jan 2008 [, accessed 29 Jan 2014]

Further Information

(1) Catherine Walrond (2) Elizabeth Robbins
With (1) 14 children including Edmund, Lord Lyons (1790-1858); with (2) 3 children.

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£4,236 3s 7d
Beneficiary deceased

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1817 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Previous owner

Legacies Summary

Imperial (1)

East India Company
notes →
1. Second son, Theodore died in the East Indies in 1825. Sixth son, George Rose was "H.E.I.C.S". Eighth son Humphrey was a Major General in the Indian Army. Tenth son Samuel Athill was a Colonel in...
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Langford Vere Oliver, History of the Island of Antigua (London, Mitchell and Hughes, 1894) Vol. 2 pp....

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St Austin's, Lymington, Hampshire, Wessex, England