William Lyons

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Son of Rev. Hon. Samuel Lyons (1768-1827). Identified as an overseer when he was a juror in the case against the manager of the Stapleton Estate in Nevis in June 1830. In 1836 William Lyons was a Lieutenant in the artillery in the Nevis militia, a Justice of the Peace, Coroner, and Clerk of St George and Clerk of St John. In 1833 he signed for annexed slave compensation claims "as Secretary of Colony" and in 1837 as Secretary of the Office of Compensation in Nevis. Deceased by 1838 when his sister acted as his administratrix.


We are grateful to Christine Eickelmann for compiling this entry.

Juror reference courtesy of Vincent Hubbard from the Beinecke Lesser Antilles Collection in Hamilton College, Clinton, NY.

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Administration of the estate of William Lyons, Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court Registry, Nevis (ECSCRN), Nevis Court Records (NCR) 1836-1843 f207 and f304.

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