Sarah Chandler

1800 - ????


Daughter of Rev. Dr. George Chandler and his wife Harriet. Baptised in Takeley, Essex, 08/08/1800. Deceased by the time of her sister Mary's death in 1833. Very likely deceased by the time Mary wrote her will in 1819 as Mary left her West Indian property to her aunts and uncles rather than to her sister.


PROB 11/1495/321. PROB 11/1818/508. Familysearch batch no. I04526-3.

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1809 [SY] - → Tenant-in-common

Relationships (12)

Niece → Aunt
Daughter → Father
First Cousins
Other relatives
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Charles was married to Sarah Chandler's first cousin Sarah...
Other relatives
Notes →
Sarah was George's great-niece. Sarah's grandmother Sarah Gascoyne nee Chandler was George Chandler's...
Other relatives
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Sarah Chandler (d. 1793) was married to Sarah Chandler's (b. 1800) great-uncle George Chandler...
Daughter → Mother
Sister-in-law → Brother-in-law
Niece → Aunt
Niece → Uncle