James Baillie MP of Bedford Square and Ealing Grove

1737 - 1793


MP for Horsham 1792-1793, brother of Evan Baillie (q.v.) and Alexander Baillie, father of Hugh James Baillie (q.v.), Janet Higgins (q.v.), Alexander Baillie (q.v.), Evan Hamilton Baillie, Amelia Baillie and (another daughter) Colin Campbell Baillie. He had been in the West Indies between 1755 and 1771.

  1. In the will of James Baillie of Bedford Square proved 21/10/1793, he described his purchase 'sometime since' of Bacolet and another estate on Grenada, Chemin (since sold to Mr Samuel Mitchell of Grenada) from the Governors and Company of the Bank of England for £100,000, payable as to £10,000 15/04/1790, £35,000 01/09/1790 and the balance of £55,000 (bearing 4% interest) in 7 subsequent equal annual payments, of which two had been made by the time he drew up his will. He left an annuity for life of £2000, and a further annuity of £1000 payable until her youngest child reached 21, to his wife Colin Baillie, secured on the Bacolet estate; the estate itself he left in entail to his son Alexander Baillie. He left £10,000 to each of his 5 other children. In his will he also referred to his moiety of Hermitage and Mount St Bernard estates in Grenada and his estate called Northbrook in 'Demerary', all of which he instructed his trustees to sell, and to apply the proceeds to buying out the rest of Bacolet and funding the legacies to his children. His trustees were Rene Payne, Archibald Hamilton, Walter Farquhar and his brothers Evan and Alexander Baillie. Boyle's 1792 Directory shows him at 14 Bedford Square (as James Bailie).


History of Parliament online 1790-1820, David R. Fisher, 'Baillie, James (?1737-1793), of Bedford Square and Ealing Grove Mdx.

  1. Will of James Baillie of Bedford Square proved 21/10/1793 PROB 11/1237/227; P.Boyle, The Fashionable Guide or Town Visiting Directory for the year 1792 (London,1792).

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Alexander, Amelia, Colin Campbell, Evan Hamilton, Hugh James, Janet,

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£4,030 4s 3d
Previous owner (not making a claim)
£8,985 17s 2d
Previous owner (not making a claim)

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- 1793 [EY] → Joint owner

In his will proved in 1793, James Baillie stated that he owned a moity of Hermitage estate and instructed that it be sold and the proceeds applied to buying out the rest of his share in Baillie's Bacolet and in paying captial sums to his younger children.

1780 [EA] - → Owner
1780 [EA] - → Owner
- 1793 [EY] → Owner

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Painting by Thomas Gainsborough 1784.... 
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Horsham Sussex (West)
1792 - 1793

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14 Bedford Square, London, Middlesex, London, England