Agnes Cunninghame (née Campbell)

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Sister of Sir James Campbell of Houstoun, owner of Grandvale estate in Jamaica. Agnes and her sisters Katherine and Margaret inherited Grandvale in Jamaica and land in Renfrewshire, Scotland, from their brother Sir James Campbell due to the deaths of their other brothers Hugh, Robert and Andrew. Katherine was the second wife of Alexander, 9th of Craigends. Agnes was the second wife of Alexander's brother William Cunninghame. Margaret married Alexander Porterfield. None of the sisters had children of their own. Katherine's heir was Alexander, 10th of Craigends, the son of her husband by his first marriage. Agnes's heir was Margaret Cunninghame, daughter of her husband by his first marriage. Margaret's heir was Boyd Porterfield, her husband's grandson.


Will of Sir James Campbell of Houstoun, PROB 11/674/380 . Extensive Cunninghame family genealogy at and [both accessed 08/12/2016].

"William Cunnyngham of Craigends Esquire in [?] & Miss Margaret Cunnyngham D[aughter] of the D[eceased] Willm Cunnungham Mect. in Glasgow" married in Edinburgh, 02/02/1755 (GROS OPR Marriages 685/1 480 262).

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Maiden Name
William Cunninghame

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1735 [SY] - → Joint owner

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Sister-in-law → Brother-in-law
Husband → Second Wife
Aunt → Nephew
Sister-in-law → Brother-in-law