Frances Gray (née Hughes)

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Claimant or beneficiary


Counterclaimed as annuitant for £300 p.a., arrears £900, for the compensation from the Virgin Valley estate in St James Jamaica, the compensation for which went to the 'heirs of Charles Gordon Gray', her deceased husband, after a settlement of her counterclaim. Under her husband's will she was entitled to one half the produce of the freehold negroes on Virgin Valley for life, and also one half of the income from Industry estate and his personalty for life, rather than a fixed annuity: her annuity of £300 p.a. therefore presumably arose from an earlier settlement or marriage settlement.

  1. Charles Gordon Gray married Frances Hughes 10/10/1782 at Chitterne All Saints, Wiltshire.


T71/873 St James no. 172, which identifes her as of Stratton House. 08/11/1836 'Letter from P.J.Coxe stating that the sum of £75 sterling has been paid to Mrs Gray since the filing of her counterclaim on account of the arrears of her annuity'. 'Letter from Smart & Buller & Agreement of Parties attached to claim'.

  1. batch no. M15498-4.

Further Information

Maiden Name
Charles Gordon Gray

Associated Claims (1)

£2,820 6s 3d

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Widow → Deceased Husband
Mother-in-law → Son-in-law
Mother → Daughter
Mother-in-law → Daughter-in-law
Mother → Daughter
Mother → Daughter
Mother → Son

Addresses (1)

Stratton House, Chilcompton, Somerset, South-west England, England