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  1. One of six children of "mulatto" Mary Cartwright and Andrew White Esquire. Baptism not identified but the eldest Henry (born 1808) and Mary Jane (born 1810) were baptised at their father's estate, Oxford, in St Elizabeth in 1811 and the next child, William (born 1812) was baptised at Oxford in 1813.

  2. "Mary Morrice alias Mary Cartwright & children Lavinia Cartwright, Henry, Mary Jane, William" were manumitted 19/01/1822 by payment of 10s "James Vase & ux to confirm a former deed 15 Dec 1812 by Andrew White & ux". Mary Cartwright and her children Lavinia Cartwright, Henry White, Jane White, William White, Catherine White, John White and James Dunlevy White were manumitted "£500 Sterling left, as the value of their manumission, to a Devisee, who also forfeits a legacy of £5000 Sterlg if such manumission be not effected". This is the manumission stipulated in the will of Andrew White senior, proved in 1820, which also stated that Lavinia Cartwright was born in Liverpool. Andrew White's will also bequeathed annuities of £30 per annum for life to Mary Cartwright and her six children by him, and £10 per annum to Lavinia Cartwright, chargeable on Oxford estate and Evergreen pen.

  3. John and his siblings Henry, Mary Jane, William, Catherine and James Dunlevie White and his mother Mary Cartwright were owners through a trust of Comfort Hall estate in Manchester, Jamaica.

  4. Mary Cartwright and her children have not been identified in the slave registers. They do not appear in James Vose's registration of 1823.


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  3. See estate information for Comfort Hall.

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£692 5s 9d

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1817 [EA] - 1832 [LA] → Trust beneficiary
1834 [EA] - → Joint owner

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