Robert Gladstone the younger

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Claimant or beneficiary


Awarded compensation as one of the executors (with Thomas Steuart Gladstone and William Gladstone) of the original claimant Robert Gladstone (1771-1835), the owner-in-fee of Great Valley in Manchester Jamaica, who died 31/08/1835.

  1. Listed in Abercromby Square, Liverpool as a voter in 1835.


T71/860 Manchester No. 65 and T71/915 p. 74.

  1. The Poll for the election of Members of Parliament for the Borough of Liverpool, taken between Lord Viscount Sandon, William Ewart, Esq., Major-General Sir Howard Douglas, Bart. and James Morris, Esq. at the polling booths, on Tuesday, the 6th, and Wednesday, the 7th January, 1835... (Liverpool, 1835) p. 35.

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Further Information

Name in compensation records
Robert Gladstone

Associated Claims (1)

£9,225 16s 5d
Awardee (Executor or executrix)

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First Cousins
Son → Father

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Abercromby Square, Liverpool, Lancashire, North-west England, England