Thomas Steuart Gladstone

1805 - 1882

Claimant or beneficiary


  1. Thomas Steuart Gladstone was the eldest son of Liverpool merchant and plantation owner Robert Gladstone and Catherine Steuart. His uncle was Sir John Gladstone (q.v.) and first cousin Liberal prime minister William Gladstone (q.v.). Along with his brothers Robert and William he was named trustee and executor of his father's will in 1835 and guardian to his younger siblings. In this capacity he was charged with administering his father's Jamaican properties and splitting his estate equally between all siblings. His father noted that he had already advanced each of the older brothers £4016.

  2. T.S. Gladstone also operated as an international merchant in the Liverpool firm Gladstone and Sergeantson. While his father had operated in both the West Indian and East Indian trade, Thomas expanded commercial interests into South American Guano and Australian farming, as well as trade with Asia. In later life he retired to Capenoch house, Dumfriesshire. His younger brother Adam Steuart Gladstone became an East India merchant.

  3. Listed as a voter in Rumford Street, Liverpool, in 1835, with the occupation 'broker'.


  1. Will of Robert Gladstone of Liverpool , Lancashire, 15/10//1835, TNA/PROB 11/1852/441.

  2. E-mail from Kevin Brewer referencing archival material held in the State Library of Victoria: Niel Black Papers, MS8996 (13/7/2015).

  3. The Poll for the election of Members of Parliament for the Borough of Liverpool, taken between Lord Viscount Sandon, William Ewart, Esq., Major-General Sir Howard Douglas, Bart. and James Morris, Esq. at the polling booths, on Tuesday, the 6th, and Wednesday, the 7th January, 1835... (Liverpool, 1835) p. 35

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£9,225 16s 5d
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Railway Investment
Cheltenham, Oxford, and London and Birmingham Union; or Charlton Kings and Marsworth [183732]  

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Rumford Street, Liverpool, Lancashire, Merseyside, North-west England, England