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John Morse advanced money to Thomas Smith for the purchase by Smith of the Fonthill estate c. 1775. Part of the debt was outstanding at the time Morse made his will, proved in 1781. An indenture of 1777 showed them as 'merchants and co-partners': '1777, Feb. 5. Ind. between John Serocold & John Jackson of London, merchants & co-partners, of the one part, & John Morse & Thomas Smith of London, merchants & co-partners, of the other part. Whereas by Ind. of mortgage made 10 April 1775, between Wm. Stevenson of St. James, J., & Mary his wife, & John Serocold & John Jackson, Wm. S. sold to the latter all that sugar plantation in the parish of St. James called Unity, containing 943 acres, & Pleasant Penn of 300 acres, subject to redemption for £24,023 & £21,034 is still due. Assignment now to John Morse & Thomas Smith.' Caribbeana III

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