Jamaica St Mary 27 (Richmond)

24th Oct 1836 | 213 Enslaved | £3653 7s 3d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 287.

T71/856 carries no explanation for the claim of Ross, Campbell or the Mitchells, but see T71/1378 below. Original claim by Thos Larkins, John McKenzie and James Steele mortgagees. Counterclaim from Oliver Herring [sic] esq and Mary Murray nee Ross his wife, annuitants upon bond for £500 per annum currency.

T71/1606: letters from Freshfields dated 08/12/1836 and Clayton & Cookson makes it clear that there are 4 trustees, and that there was a settlement between annuitants and another party, presumably mortgagees. Clayton & Cookson letter also alludes to Joseph Delpratt, capacity unclear [Joseph Delpratt's cousin, Samuel Delpratt II, was the deceased son-in-law of William Ross].

T71/1378: William Ross of Bath [Somerset] and James Campbell of Baker St were trustees for Hering and his wife; the Mitchells were trustees for Joseph Delpratt, assignee of compensation from bankrupt assignees of mortgagees.

Jamaica Almanacs (1826 and 1833): estate in the ownership of the heirs of William Ross.

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