James Edmund Cranstoun 9th Lord Cranstoun

1780 - 1818


Nephew and heir of James 8th Lord Cranstoun, who had inherited both the title and the property of their maternal grandfather Jeremiah Browne (d. 1754) from his brother William Cranstoun. The mother of the 7th and 8th Lords Cranstoun was Sophia Browne: her sister Elizabeth Browne, married Anthony Hodges I (q.v.). James Edmund, the 9th Lord, was born in St Kitts on an estate called The Retreat, apparently later known as Cranstouns. James Edmund 9th Lord Cranstoun married Anna Linnington Macnamara, daughter of John Macnamara of St Kitts, in 1807.


Will of Jeremiah Browne [formerly of Apps Court but now] of the island of St Christopher proved 18/11/1755, PROB 11/818/423.

Further Information

Anne Linnington Macnamara

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- 1818 [EY] → Tenant-for-life

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