Ebenezer Edie

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Probably owner of Hermitage estate in St Andrew, Jamaica. Died between 1802 and 1805. He bequeathed his unnamed plantation in St Andrew in trust as tenants in common, the estate to be managed by his housekeeper and the children's mother Elizabeth Freeman Ripley until the children reached the age of 21 years. However, Ripley bequeathed Hermitage herself in her will, so may have owned the property outright.

John Ripley, the son of Elizabeth Freeman, a free mulatto woman, by Ebenezer Eddie, was born 04/07/1786 and baptised 08/01/1787 in Kingston, Jamaica.

Frances, the daughter of Elizabeth Freeman Ripley, a free quadroon woman, by Ebenezer Eddie, was born 29/08/1787 and baptised 11/05/1788 in Kingston, Jamaica.

Thomas, Ebenezer, Alexander and Ann, the children of [blank] Ripley, a mulatto woman, by Ebenezer Edie, were baptised in Kingston 24/07/1802. There are two dates of birth given for the four children so it's not clear to whom they apply: 14/06/1789 and 22/11/1791.

Ebenezer Edie was probably born in Scotland, where his mother and sisters lived in 1802.


PROB 11/1422/118; PROB 11/1790/375; Familysearch.org, Jamaica Church of England Parish Register Transcripts, 1664-1880 [database online].

Further Information

[With Elizabeth Freeman Ripley] John Edie (1786-), Frances Ripley Edie (1787-), Thomas, Ebenezer, Alexander, Ann

PROB 11/1422/118 - precis.

Ebenezer Edie of Kingston, Jamaica, Esquire.

To my honoured mother Isabella Edie of Scotland a clear annuity of £20 sterling for life.

To each of my sisters Elizabeth Edie, Abigail Edie and Mary Edie of Scotland an annuity of £30 sterling for life.

To my friend Francis Robertson of Kingston, Esquire, my gold watch and appendages which I lately ordered out and have received from England.

To Elizabeth Freeman Ripley my housekeeper, all my household furniture, china and plate and my linen and apparel of every kind and description and my horses and carriages with harnesses and other appurtenances.

All rest and residue real and personal to my reputed children named Frances Ripley Edie, Thomas Edie, Ebenezer Edie, Alexander Edie and Ann Edie as tenants in common. I hereby authorise and empower my housekeeper Elizabeth Freeman Ripley the mother of my said children to enter into possession and take upon herself the conduct and management of my plantation in St Andrew and all other real estate, and to carry on and cultivate the same to the best advantage for the benefit of my said children until the youngest of them shall attain the age of 21 years. To pay and apply a sufficient part of the rents and profits towards the education and support of my said children. Until the youngest shall arrive at age 21 years, the surplus of the rents and profits be annually paid to my executors to be invested in public papers of the government of this island or be remitted to England and there invested in the public funds for the benefit of my said children.

My friends Ebenezer Robertson and George Munro of Great Britain and Francis Robertson to be executors and guardians of my children. Elizabeth Freeman Ripley to also be guardian.

Signed 12/06/1802.

Proved at London 11/03/1805 by Francis Robertson.

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Probably previous owner.

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