Grenada 775 (Paraclete Estate)

13th Jun 1836 | 117 Enslaved | £2876 0s 6d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 312.

See also Grenada claim nos. 700, 772, 773 etc.

T71/880: claim by T. and J. Berkeley. Counterclaim by Archibald Paull, as mortgagee. Counterclaim by William Foreman Home, of Paxton, County of Berwick, Scotland, by his attorney John Foreman Home, of Waltham, Parish of St Mark, Grenada, as executor of the assignee of an annuitant of £50 per annum, sum due of £421 10s 5d with interest at 5 per cent from 20/11/1834.

See claim no. 566 for William Foreman Home.

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Paraclete Estate

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