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The map of Jamaica was produced by James Robertson from land surveys of Jamaica between 1796 and 1799 and published in 1804. It has been georeferenced by the Map Collections team at the National Library of Scotland, allowing a smooth transfer between the 1804 map and a modern satellite image.

There are 814 sugar plantations on Robertson's map and all have been linked to estates in the LBS database. Sugar mills on the map are distinguished by power source, whether wind cattle or water. There are a further c. 2,500 pens or non- sugar plantations, identified by the small rectangular boxes on the map, which we have not yet linked to the LBS database. Our estates search form allows you to find the 5897 Jamaican estates in the LBS database which have not been linked to the map, as well as the 851 which have. See our Notes on Sources for more information on the sources used.

We have added copies of the 1817 slave register and other document images to a limited number of estate pages. Here is a list of these estates.

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