People of Interest

1774 - 1832
Head driver on Great Valley estate in Hanover, Jamaica. Executed by hanging following Sam Sharpe's War.
1787 - 1861
Enslaved boy on Unity Valley Pen, Jamaica. Manumitted in 1795 by David Barclay and removed to Philadelphia, with 29 other freed persons from the estate, where he was placed under the care of Society for Improving the Condition of Free Blacks.
1805 - ????
Enslaved man brought to England as a domestic servant; his former owner was indicted for the mistreatment of Thompson in 1824.
1759 - 1820
Enslaved woman on Caliviny Estate in Grenada; also listed as a slave-owner herself.
1805 - 22nd Apr 1887
Born into slavery in Carriacou, Grenada, Malvina Wells became a lady's maid in Edinburgh and a trusted family friend to her employers.
1810 - ????
Enslaved young woman in St Peter, Barbados. Manumitted on the eve of Emancipation. Married a butcher in Speightstown.
25th Nov 1776 - 1851
Resident clergyman, proponant of religious instruction for enslaved people.
27th Nov 1782 - 8th Dec 1862
Wesleyan Minister, apparently sought to manumit his enslaved people for religious reasons
28th Mar 1802 - 6th May 1874
Daughter of a wealthy planter and wife of the rector of St Elizabeth, Jamaica. Bigamous convicted forger.
???? - 1848
Widow of prominent mahogany merchant and landowner
1729 - 1809
Quaker merchant and banker, abolitionist who manumitted enslaved people in Jamaica
9th Oct 1760 - 1801
Prominent Liverpool merchant and slave-trader
1787 - 8th Apr 1844
Yorkshire landowner.
???? - 29th Aug 1873
Free person of colour, slave-owner in Jamaica. Long-term partner and later wife of Thomas Legal Yates. Living in Britain from the mid-1830s until her death in 1873.
1801 - 25th Nov 1880
English clergyman, resident in Jamaica from 1827 but returning to England with his Jamaican-born wife and children six years later.
1791 - 1862
Free woman of colour; left Demerara in 1812 as a young woman and settled in Starthforth, Yorkshire, where she died in 1862.
1785 - 1854
Jamaican-born widow of a prominent slave-owner; resident in Britain following the death of her husband in 1818. Accused - and acquitted - of the cruel treatment of some enslaved people whom she brought to Britain with her.
1781 - 1830
Member of the Baillie of Dochfour family who had numerous mercantile connections in the West Indies. The compensation for Baillie's Bacolet in Grenada was awarded to the trustees of her marriage settlement. Grand-daughter of Colin Roy Campbell of Glenmure. Apparently a victim of the quack doctor John St John Lang of Harley Street in 1830.
1781 - 14th Jun 1863
Member of the Baillie of Dochfour family. London and Bristol merchant and banker (Baillie, Ames & Baillie), major recipient of slave compensation across the Caribbean.
1761 - ????
"Free quadroon woman" and mother of eleven children; independently wealthy, perhaps through legacies left her by her partners James Tierney (died 1784) and Ebenezer Robertson (died 1825).
1787 - 1835
Daughter of "free Mulatto" lodging-house-keeper Jane Charlotte Beckford (c. 1759-1825); possibly the daughter of George Ffrench, Clerk to the Jamaica Assembly. Spinster; independently wealthy slave-owner.
1788 - 1876
Irish merchant, slave-owner and philanthropist.
1785 - 4th Jan 1846
Yorkshire-born wife of the Acting Governor of Dominica in the 1800s.
???? - 1848
Successful planter in British Guiana and Grenada; part of a close-knit mixed-race family with numerous business interests.
1789 - 14th Mar 1860
Possibly the first 'ethnic minority' MP to be elected (in 1832) to the House of Commons.