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This map of Grenada was published in 1780 with the title 'A New Plan of the Island of Grenada, From the Original French Survey of Monsieur Pinel; Taken in 1763 by Order of the Government, and now Published with the Addition of English Names, Atlerations of Property and other Improvements to the Present Year 1780...' (British Library Maps K. Top.123.112.b-e). It was compiled by Daniel Paterson (1738-1825), a British army officer better known for his road maps of Britain, and has been georeferenced by members of LBS.

Our work on this map is not yet complete. We have added lists of proprietors found with the map in 1763 and 1780-2 (British Library Maps K. Top.123.112.b-e) and are currently adding those from a list in government dispatches for 1772 (National Archives CO 101/1). Only a few of these estates have so far been linked to estates in the compensation records. Please use our estates search form to find named estates in the slave registers and our main search form to find estates in the compensation records.

We have added copies of the 1817 slave register and other document images to a limited number of estate pages. Here is a list of these estates.

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