Grenada 700 (Plaisance Estate)

23rd Jan 1836 | 124 Enslaved | £3140 18s 5d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 312.

T71/880: claim by Thos. and John Berkeley, owners in fee. Counterclaim by Archibald Paull, of 147 Leadenhall St., as 'mortgagee by Indentr. dated 16th April 1830, £20,000 and upwards'. The counterclaim was admitted. Thos. Berkeley, of London, a merchant, was in Brussels according to St Kitts claim no. 674.

Times 19/03/1839 p. 7: John Henry Earle Berkeley, of Mt. Horne, Grenada, bought the Paradise estate for £35,000 in 1815. In 1826 he bought Mt. Horne and Plaisance; in 1827 he bought Paraclete. He lived in Brussels and visited the West Indies. He died in Grenada.



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Plaisance Estate

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